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PurelyB Products

Pegaga By PurelyB

PurelyB Created by
Health & Wellness

Now $33.00
Actual Price $64.00

A Traditional Asian Superfood blend of nature’s most powerful herbs and fruits: Pegaga (Gotu Kola), turmeric leaf, papaya leaf, and green apples and dates. This scientifically-proven blend of 100% natural herbs and fruits have been used for centuries in Asia for it’s extraordinary health benefits - improved digestive and detoxification, strengthened immunity, skin repair and anti-ageing properties, and enhanced brain function and memory.

Suitable for all ages -adults & children, the benefits you will get from Pegaga by PurelyB:

  • Strengthen Immunity & Energy
  • Improve Gut Health & Digestion
  • Calm & Reduce Stress, Anxiety
  • Anti-Inflammation & Ease Allergies .
  • Weight Management .
  • Healthy & Youthful Glowing Skin .
  • Focus & Mental Clarity .

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How Pegaga has helped others

Nina, 31, mother & entrepreneur

After my pregnancy, I lost about 8kg due to childbirth, mostly due to breastfeeding. But with the Pegaga, I managed to lose another 15kg of weight and have a significant improvement with my digestion

Nina, 31, mother & entrepreneur

PurelyB Products

Tiger Milk Mushroom

PurelyB Created by
Health & Wellness

Now $30.00
Actual Price $35.00

A Traditional Asian remedy with powerful healing properties to boost immunity, respiratory health and fight common conditions such as sinus, cough, cold, allergies, and asthma. Tiger Milk Mushroom by PurelyB consists of (TMM)-extract (xLr) the highest potency & quality Tiger milk mushroom (Lignosus Rhinocerus) supplement in the world. A unique blend with antioxidant-rich superfoods Elderberry and Red Grapes, delicious and packed with essential vitamins to strengthen your immune system, eliminate toxins, and reduce inflammation.

100% natural and plant-based, no preservatives or added sugar.:

  • Protect, Nourish & Restore Lungs
  • Strengthen Immunity & Vitality
  • Reduce Asthma & Sinus
  • Reduce Inflammation & Relieve Allergies
  • Relieve cough, cold, fever & respiratory problems
  • Support Joint Health
  • Natural Prebiotic for Healthy Gut

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How Natural Remedies Have Helped Families:

Dina, Mother of 4

"I’m a mother of 4 and I completely believe in natural home remedies, it’s what I’ve been using on my kids since they were babies. There are no side effects yet it’s effective and I know exactly what I’m giving them, what’s going in their bodies. It has worked really well for me and my family and I would recommend everyone to try it too."

Dina, Mother of 4

Nutrition Programme

Holistic Lifestyle package

PurelyB Created by
Health & Wellness

Now $55.00
Actual Price $75.00

An all-in-one solution to transform your health via nutritious meal recipes for the whole family, traditional Asian superfoods and natural remedies for treating common illnesses, all in the comfort of your home! It combines 2 PurelyB digital health programs - Nourish Heal Glow (NHG) and Natural Home Pharmacy (NHP) - together with 60 servings of our best-selling superfood Pegaga by PurelyB - drink twice daily to optimise your digestion, boost immunity & energy levels, and ensure your skin health is strong.

Here's What You Get

  • 1 month supply of original size Pegaga by PurelyB traditional Asian superfood blend (380g - 60 servings)
  • 60+ Asian-Inspired Recipes (vegan & omnivore options) by Nutritionist Carina Lipold.
  • 30+ step-by-step "create your own natural remedy" videos by Certified Naturopath Amanda Teh.
  • 28-Day Meal Plan + Full healthy Grocery Shopping List Guide (Vegan & Omnivore options).
  • Lifelong access to our health experts & private Facebook community for daily support & advice.
  • 2 x delicious energy-boosting 100% natural & plant-based overnight oats. Contains five servings, zero added sugar or preservatives.

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Our Happy Customers


After the Nourish Heal Glow programme, I feel like superwoman! My clothes are looser and my body is toned and lean. Even my gym mates complimented me! I am so pleased that Carina took the time to answer all our questions in our Facebook group. I love Carina and I would love to meet her in person one day. I trusted her and in return got my body back. I feel sexy again, at 46!


Our Happy Members

Meet Our Experts Leaders in Health and Wellness

Marissa Parry

Marissa Parry,
Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Holistic Nutritionist, ACE Certified PT and Medical Exercise Specialist, Marissa has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their optimal health. As a Malaysian native, Marissa is very familiar with not only the local cuisine but also with the problems that arise from trying to eat healthy, locally.

Carina Lipold

Carina Lipold,
NLP, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

A NLP Practitioner, Pilates Coach and Obesity Trainer, with a Masters in Health Management, Carina has helped many people in Europe, US, Middle East & Asia improve their well-being. Being born with an autoimmune disease, Carina’s fascination in this field began as a child and she has pursued it ever since.

Amanda Teh

Amanda Teh,
Naturopath & Herbalist

A highly qualified Naturopath & Practitioner Member of the National Herbalist Australia Association, Amanda believes that a balance between our physical and emotional health, leads to overall wellbeing. You can catch her on television or read one of her articles in numerous local and international publications.

Johanna Arshad

Johanna Arshad,
Naturopath & Hemaview Practitioner

An accredited naturopath from Australia, living in Malaysia, Johanna specialises in herbal medicine, nutrition and bach flower remedies. She believes that our body has an innate capacity to fight diseases and heal itself. Her passion for holistic well-being is wholly embedded in her own lifestyle especially as a mother of 3 children.


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