Dr. Ng Siew Li & Dr. Eugene Tee

Dr. Ng Siew Li & Dr. Eugene Tee

Dr. Ng Siew Li & Dr. Eugene Tee

Dr. Ng Siew Li

Lecturer & Clinical Psychologist

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Central Michigan University)

Dr. Ng completed her master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Central Michigan University, United States of America. She received specialised clinical training from the Trauma and Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Central Michigan University, and she currently teaches and practices at HELP University.

Dr. Eugene Tee

SeniorLecturer & Research Coordinator

Ph. D. in Management (University of Queensland)

Dr. Eugene Tee completed his Ph.D. in Management from the University of Queensland Business School. Eugene has written for The Star’s Leaderonomics weekly pullout and is a regular feature on BFM 89.9’s Night School program, where he shares his ideas and research about the role of emotions in personal and professional interactions. He is the founder of emotivity.my, and co-author of Of Bromances and Biting Cute Babies: Questions about Emotions You (Probably) Never Thought of Asking and the forthcoming Mindfulness and Emotions: Understanding Your Mind and the Benefits of Being Present.