Actress & Expecting Mother, Carmen Soo Fills Us In On Staying Healthy While Travelling
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Actress & Expecting Mother, Carmen Soo Fills Us In On Staying Healthy While Travelling


21 December 2017


Whilst travelling is exciting and something to look forward, it can also cause strain to your health. Dehydration, exhaustion, and the interruption of one’s daily routine are only a few things that set us back when we leave the comfort of our homes. So what can we do to maintain our health whilst travelling and not slip up on the infamous ‘holiday mode’ excuse?

On this episode of B Inspired with PurelyB, Carmen Soo, one Southeast Asia’s most sought after actresses, clues us in on the healthy lifestyle habits she’s developed over years of juggling work, travelling and personal health — and if you needed any more motivation, she’s also 7 months pregnant!


How It All Started

In high demand across Asia, flying in and out the country is an essential part of Carmen’s career, so staying fit and healthy on-the-go is crucial to the expecting mother. Despite her now healthy habits, realising her priorities was something she had to learn the hard way after frequently falling ill, losing weight and at one stage, even being admitted to the hospital from neglecting her health.

From these alarming experiences, Carmen started implementing healthier habits into her travel routine which have transformed her overall well-being tremendously.

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Carmen Soo’s Health Tips For Travelling

First And Foremost — Listen To Your Body, Know Your Limits

Learn to listen to your body to familiarise yourself with your limits. A valuable piece of information Carmen learned and now applies to her own life is to not stop eating when you are full, but to stop when you are no longer hungry.

Be mindful as you are eating and identify when you are no longer hungry. Overeating can lead to feeling bloated and uncomfortable, especially when travelling.

Opt For Vegetarian Airline Meals

When travelling vegetables are often a scarcity so use your inflight meal as an opportunity to load up before the travelling begins.

Having adapted to a pescatarien diet over the years, substituting vegetables for meat has also helped prevent Carmen from feeling bloated and sluggish.

Always Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

Delays and changes to plans can be unpredictable, so pack healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts or oat crackers to prevent reaching for those unhealthy snacks when options are limited.

Carmen’s Tip: Instead of finishing your meal, save a bun for later to regulate your food intake.

Increase Your Intake Of Fresh Foods

Remember that a nourishing breakfast is crucial in setting the foundation of your day. Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean this mindset should come to a halt.

When travelling, you may not be able to control of what or where you eat during the day, so a simple way of ensuring you are still getting in all your goodness is to increase your intake of fresh foods during breakfast.

Carmen’s Tip: Head to the local supermarkets when travelling to find fresh food that you can pack and have on hand throughout the day when healthy options are limited.

Preparation Is Key!

Whether you’re pregnant or not, be sure you get yourself checked before you travel. This way your doctor can tell you what vitamins you are lacking and you can load up before you leave.

Carmen’s Tip: Always carry your blood test results with you — if you fall sick or if anything happens abroad, you’ve got all your vital information with you.

Keep Hydrated And Keep Moving

We are often so busy that we tend to forget to keep hydrated. Be sure to drink lots of water when you’re travelling, especially on your flight. Yes, this may lead to frequent trips to the bathroom on the plane but don’t worry, that’s a good thing!

Keeping yourself moving can help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis — a serious condition that you can develop and be life-threatening if you don’t move to keep your blood circulating (especially for pregnant women!) Stretches and walking during long haul flights can also ease discomfort.

And when you are at your destination, don’t let limited time or accessibility to the gym be an excuse. Take public transport and walk to stay fit during your travels.  

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What To Know If You’re Pregnant

And for expecting mothers, we know travelling can be much-dreaded with many more obstacles to overcome. But don’t worry; here are some tips and tricks that Carmen has learnt while travelling during her pregnancy.

Tip #1 - Elevate Your feet & Soak Them In Hot Water To Ease Swelling

Feet swelling is a normal part of pregnancy but it can often cause discomfort especially if you are doing a lot of walking during your travels. Take a break and elevate your feet when you can, and at the end of the day soak your feet in some hot water.

These small practices will soothe your feet and keep you relaxed!

Tip #2 - Read Up On Pregnancy Health Issues That May Occur While Travelling

Being prepared is always good no matter what the situation is. Read up on important pregnancy health issues to ensure you are well informed before you begin your travels.

Knowing information such as the body heat of a pregnant women is higher than normal will help you prevent your body from overheating, which may only lead to other inconveniences such as nosebleeds.

Tip #3 – Healthy, Wholesome Meals

Pregnancy is a vital period to provide all the essential nutrients to your baby, as this is not something you can make up for later if missed. It’s only natural to want to try various delicacies when you’re abroad but sometimes, a healthy wholesome meal is the best way to make sure you and your baby is nourished.

And finally, remember to take things slow! It’s okay if you don’t cover every tourist attraction in one go. It’s best to rest up when you start feeling tired. The museum will still be there the next day — but your health and wellbeing should be your priority!

Got tips and tricks you like to use to keep healthy when travelling? Share them in the comments below.

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