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Take your passion for a food to a new level at Jasons Hall, exclusively at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Created by food lovers, they aim to make food-shopping fun again. 

Rediscover nostalgic favorites from home and abroad. Get excited by new taste adventures. Treat yourself to litle indulgences. Whether you're shopping for weekly groceries or something special, they've got it there.

Healthy products at Jasons Food Hall

Wilkie Organic Raw Cocoa Nibs
Wilkie Organic Raw Cocoa Nibs

Organic raw cocoa nibs are one of the best dietry sources of magnesium as well as a good source of calcium, iron, zinc, copper and potassium. With high levels of antioxidents they are often referred to as a superfood.

Technically not classed as chocolate at all as they are simply roasted cocoa beans broken down into nibs. A bitter and crunchy experience. Use as a snack, inclusion in a chocolate or a chocolate dessert topping.

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Yarra Valley Hole-Sum Nuts 500g
Yarra Valley Hole-Sum Nuts 500g

Hole-Sum brands offer cheap alternatives in bulk that compromise on quality. Now there is no need to substitute price for quality. We offer the same high quality nuts and mixes in a bulk bag, with a great saving for consumers.

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