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Mr Green Juice is a brand new raw juice concept, unlike any other to hit the streets of Hong Kong, to help give people the energy to tackle day to day life. At Mr Green Juice we make small batches of made to order cold-pressed raw juice. What makes our juice so magical is that we use a hydraulic press to fully extract juice from organic vegetables and fruits. Our juices and nut milks are made from seasonal, organic vegetables and never pasteurized.No additive, water or preservation techniques are applied to Mr Green Juice. Mr Green Juice is the first organic raw cold-pressed juicery in Hong Kong !

Healthy specials at Mr. Green Juice

Daily Beuty
Daily Beuty
The Daily Beuty is a juice made from Beets, carrots, apples, pears and ginger

apple | beet | carrots | ginger | pear

Almond Strong
Almond Strong
This drink is made ofAlmond, dates, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, and water

almond | cinnamon | dates | sea salt | vanilla

Citrus Boost
Citrus Boost
The Citrus Boost is made of a mixture of carrots, oranges, apples and ginger.

apple | carrots | citrus | ginger | oranges