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A healthy food delivery service that caters to busy working professionals in Singapore’s Central Business District.

Their promise to you is that they always use healthier cooking methods (think sous vide, grilling). Always. They use a lot of complex carbs and only the freshest, natural ingredients in our recipes. They are also constantly finding ways to creatively substitute things likes sauces, e.g. mayo is swapped out with cauliflower purée. They are cuisine-agnostic, so you can expect anything (surprise!) from a deconstructed burger to a chirashi-don, not just standard Western sandwiches or salads typically associated with “healthier” food.

Healthy specials at Grain (Singapore)

Poached Endive and Salmon on Forgotten Grains
Poached Endive and Salmon on Forgotten Grains
Hints of smoked paprika and lemon for a good kick, and oh, so tender salmon.

lemon | omega-3 | salmon fish | spices

Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi
Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi
With brown and black rice, our bibimbap 2.0 is a mix of complex carbs, pumping slow energy to fuel your day. Topped with beef bulgogi and vegetables, take a trip to Korea and back within the hour.

brown rice | grill beef | high fibre | nutritious | vegetarian

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