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We have designed a new way of attaining optimal health and well-being. Lifejuice's extensive nutritionally complete range offers not just wholesome nourishment, but a timeless experience. Our juices contain organic Superfoods to provide the liquid nutrition you need to be at your best.

No added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial colors – it is as simple as real, living, wholesome produce transformed into natural liquid nutrition.

Taste the quality. Feel the differenceOur mission is to provide the highest quality, healthiest, safest, and most nutritious juices to our customers. We value being experts of health and nutrition, and pride ourselves in empowering others to make healthier choices.

Healthy specials at Lifejuice Co

Salad in a Bottle
Salad in a Bottle

– Cucumber
– Spinach
– Parsley
– Romaine
– Celery
– Apple
– Jicama
– Lemon

With 5 pounds of green vegetables per bottle, which helps control hunger and craving. The amount of vitamin K in here is impressive, giving a major boost to your metabolism, encouraging all of your cells and organ systems to function at their optimal level. The additional vitamins A, B and C and minerals iron and calcium will help your cells and muscles recover quickly.


– Beetroot
– Cayenne 
– Tomato 
– Celery 
– Carrot 
– Orange 

There just isn’t time to tell you how good beets are for your blood, especially all the iron, which detoxifies the liver when iron-rich blood moves through it. Carrot, tomato and celery contain a big supply of antioxidants and an array of vitamins and minerals to cleanse the liver. And cayenne moves your blood faster than any other herb.

Sun Kissed
Sun Kissed

– Grapefruit 
– Ginger 
– Carrot 
– Orange 
– Red Apple 
– Pineapple 

We all know Grapefruit and Oranges have lots of vitamin C to fight flu, but it also helps you bounce back faster from stressful situations. One whiff of ginger can improve your mood, and the root itself cleanses the harmful chemicals our bodies produce when we’re worried, relieving stress and soothing our digestive system. With apples, pineapples, carrots as well, it’s just the right mineral balance to calm our heart and nerves

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