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HalalRestaurantMont Kiara/Hartamas

Outside seating
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Our menu focuses on Western-style desserts, pastries & savoury foods with hints of local flavours. Everything is made from scratch.

The Rubberduck menu includes our staple pastry/ desserts & savoury specialties. To keep things interesting, we incorporate weekly "specials" and add-ons. We aim to keep our menu simple, we have good coffee and we focus on producing top quality, consistently delicious food that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Healthy specials at Rubberduck

Ramadan Bento Box
Ramadan Bento Box

Macro Main Course - Brown pilaf rice, sautéed spinach, sauerkraut, black beans, rainbow slaw, blanched broccoli with seaweed served with a ginger tahini sauce

Sides- Mango & dragon fruit, dates and a sweet treat (in this case a salted caramel macaron)

Smoothie Bowl
Smoothie Bowl

New smoothie bowl topped with our homemade granola, roasted Hawaiian flakes, flax seed and fresh fruit