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Healthy gourmet lunchboxes online delivery service in KL.

All their gourmet meals are made with the freshest ingredients, cooked daily and crafted with love in a private kitchen and delivered straight to you. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

How to order?

Place an order online through the website - simply click on the items you'd like to purchase, check out what's in your shopping cart enter in your email, delivery address and contact number at the check out and pay cash to their delivery guy when your food arrives (online payment options coming soon). 

You can order lunchboxes until 10am on the day of delivery. Limited quantities are available for on the day ordering before 10am so be sure to preorder in advance.

If have any questions about placing an order, whatsapp DahMakan on 0143 279 972 or contact them at [email protected] 

Healthy specials at Dah Makan

Southwestern Chicken Breast with Avocado and Lime Cous Cous
Southwestern Chicken Breast with Avocado and Lime Cous Cous

Chicken breast marinated in southwestern chipotle spicy sweet sauce and roasted until juicy with chunks of creamy avocado on fluffy lime cous cous topped with fresh cilantro and baby tomatoes (470kcal)

TexMex Fish Burrito Brown Rice Bowl
TexMex Fish Burrito Brown Rice Bowl

A perfect marriage of spicy, savoury and sweet - DahMakan's white fish taco is coated in their chef's kmix of chili and garlic and gently fried and sits on a bed of fluffy brown rice with creamy chunks of avocado, freshly cut tomatoes and sweet corn and kidney beans. (540kcal)

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