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J's Restaurant represents a celebration of the joy of life spent amongst beloved friends and family dining in great ambience, sharing delicious food at value-for-money price, where great food is served with Joy.

Both a visual feast for the eyes and an experience for the taste buds, the food of J's is sure not to disappoint!

Whilst still retaining the Latin-American influence of the food, evidenced with the staple favourites from days past of Paella, Quesadillas and Fajitas, J's new signature dishes bring out the complex identity of a more modern European cuisine. 

The signature dishes of Chicken "Adobo" and the 120-day grain-fed sirloin of beef allow diners to partake of their favourite meats delicately prepared to tease and please the palate. 

And the dining pleasure is completed by a mouth-watering dessert menu with the ever-popular "Bocas Negras" flourless chocolate cake, and the "Peppered Pineapple" which elicits a spiciness to complement the sweet. 

Our wish at J's is to be able to welcome customers from a wide variety of dietary preferences. The menu caters for Vegetarians and by eliminating all pork and alcohol from the restaurant allows Muslims to enjoy a range of food not readily found in Singapore.

Healthy specials at J's Restaurant (Singapore)


Our version of the traditional Spanish saffron rice dish with sauteed vegetables, roasted toatoes & bell peppers. There is chicken, barramundi, salmon and chicken sausage. The colours are bright and enticing, and the aroma is seductive. J's Restaurant


Churros with Bananas & Mangoes
Churros with Bananas & Mangoes

Churros layered with salted caramel bananas, fresh mangoes & coconut infused mascarpone sabayon. They are crispy on the outside while fluffy and moist on the inside. The accompanying salted caramel bananas, fresh mangoes and coconut-infused mascarpone sabayon is delicious. J's Restaurant

Dessert | Halal

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