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Be LOHAS Healthy Cuisine Organic Cafe was created by BMS Organics to help consumers easily find genuine, healthy vegetarian food that also tastes amazing.

They advocate 4 key principles of their business:

  1. Healthy Ingredients Be LOHAS uses 70% organic vegetables, organice and natural ingredients, grape seed oil/olive oil/rice bran oil, seasalt/rock salt in preparing their food
  2. Say NO to 5 elements No MSG, No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), No artificial colouring, No chemical preservative, No microwave cooking
  3. 4 Low’s 3 High’s Low salt, low suar, low oil, low calories, high energy, high fiber, high nutrients
  4. Having unique purple clay cookware releases infrared when heated,breaking down fats in food to help lowering cholesterol absorption by our body. Minerals released in the process of cooking can raise the alkaline content of food in cooking, while iron helps blood building.

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