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Khang Nee


For Khang Nee, whose interests lie in travelling, architecture, and writing, becoming a writer seemed like the most natural career choice for her. After graduating, she joined NUYOU magazine as one of its reporters, but left her job after 2 years to travel to New Zealand for a working holiday. After returning home, Khang Nee took on the editing position for various fashion, health, beauty and travel magazines, and all her years of experience made her understand that by doing the things you enjoy in life, it represents the greatest respect any person could have for themselves.

After her participation in a European cycling tour, Khang Nee decided to bring the various sights, architectural landscapes and cultures she saw to life by illustrating them onto postcards. She soon merged her individuality and lifestyle together to create her own virtual character – Mogu. The girl with a large mushroom atop her head was in fact Khang Nee’s dream version of herself. In addition to the character narrating her life story, Mogu is also the protagonist in Khang Nee’s upcoming illustrated travel guide as well!

Crossing the border from a writer to an artist, the change has reminded Khang Nee that as long as we are willing to take the first step forward, no matter how great our dreams are, it can also just be a stone’s throw away.