Johanna Arshad

Tarunjeet Singh

Chief Technology Officer

Tarun is a seasoned technologist with over 15 years of professional experience, including 5 in senior management positions, spanning across data analytics, digital marketing, automation, internet technologies, IoT, telecom networks, telecom VAS and customer experience & billing.

Tarun is responsible for all technology deliveries at PurelyB. He has demonstrated a track-record of combining processes, rigour and team-building that helped PurelyB successfully launch its digital content delivery business on time within budget and with quality. Having worked in various technology roles, Tarun has designed complex software system architectures, built software teams ground up, written & tested code and contributed to open source community. In his previous role as Development Head CE&B at Bharti Airtel (India), he has managed significant transformation programmes for postpaid customer lifecycle management process.

While Tarun realises the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, his busy work schedule doesn't allow him much time to maintain an active outdoor lifesyle. Under PurelyB's nutritional and wellness advice, Tarun has experienced an overall improvement in his being. Despite Tarun's busy schedule, simple and practical advice from PurelyB has only left him more energised. Connect with Tarun on LinkedIn.