B Healthy Show Episode 5 – Mummy & Baby
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B Healthy Show Episode 5 – Mummy & Baby


17 September 2016


This week’s episode of B Healthy is all about what happens after having a baby! The new addition to the family, more often than not, means having to learn new things and acquiring a set of know-hows.

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Naturopath and Nutritional therapist Esther Peh provides her very own smoothie recipe for breastfeeding mothers who need that extra bit of nutrition to produce quality breastmilk. PurelyB’s Health and Wellness Director Marissa Parry will also be sharing a quick and simple recipe for your little bubs who are ready to graduate to solids, and which Mum and Dad may want to share too.

Actress Diana Daniella who recently had a baby shares her own experience on how she maintained her fitness throughout her pregnancy and after giving birth. Marissa and Carina Lipold, PurelyB’s Health and Wellness Directors, take Diana through a circuit-style workout which new Mums (or anyone, really!) can do in the comfort of their own homes without a whole load of equipment.

Esther also has a chat with Diana about breastfeeding, how to produce quality breastmilk and how to avoid allergic reactions in your babies.

If you’ve recently had a child, are expecting, or would simply like to know more about taking care of yourself and a baby, don’t forget to catch this episode of B Healthy on Sunday (18th September 2016) at 7pm (GMT +8). For our viewers worldwide, watch the show on www.astrogempak.com.my/Bhealthy and for those in Malaysia, tune in to Astro Bella (Channel 133) and Astro Mustika HD (Channel 134).