5 Healthy Food Deliveries in Singapore You Need To Try
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5 Healthy Food Deliveries in Singapore You Need To Try


27 September 2018


With healthy eating becoming the norm, food delivery services are everywhere offering wholesome, nutritious meals. When in Singapore, try these meal deliveries catering to your vegan, vegetarian and omnivarian dietary needs.


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Photo: @graincomsg

Grain is a popular food delivery brand offering ‘healthyish’ food prepared with the best ingredients. Nutritional values are stated for each meal so you know exactly what you’re eating, and the menu changes weekly encompassing flavours and spices from around the world. 

Grain makes tasty food that’s good for you, and accessible to everyone. A typical week’s menu sees a selection of warm and chilled meal suggestions with chef’s picks and regular items. Each meal is clearly labelled – type of cuisine, vegan, antioxidant rich, high protein, vegetarian – and there’s a selection of cold-pressed juices, sides and desserts.

For better value and special offers, sign up for the meal packages; and if you want healthy options for an event, their catering service delivers this and more.

Website: https://grain.com.sg/

Instagram: @graincomsg



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Photo: @dairyandcream 

If you’re after a hearty salad that doesn’t leave you peckish by teatime, Spinacas is a good choice. These are high protein, low carb options that taste great and are very healthy. Choose from salads with meat and vegetarian options in two sizes and variety of dressings. Pork, chicken and beef come in different flavours like teriyaki, honey soy, Moroccan spice or curry and is accompanied by a nice variety of salad, vegetables and nuts. 

There are also bento boxes with a choice of low-GI brown rice or cauliflower rice; and a selection of add-ons including meat / tofu / chickpea patties, muesli, coconut water and soups.  Nutritional values and amounts of ingredients are clearly stated so you know exactly what you’re eating. 

Website: www.spinacas.com

Instagram: @spinacas



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Photo: @amgd.sg 

With the promise of ‘feeling good after every meal and no food coma’, AMGD is focused on providing meals using power ingredients created by a team of chefs, dieticians and nutritionists. Nothing is fried, only olive oil is used, no MSG / sugar / preservatives and new menu items are offered to keep it interesting. 

The menu is extensive allowing diners to choose from different types of protein, vegetarian, low carbs, complex carbs, wraps and pasta. A typical vegetarian meal could be eggplant stuffed with quinoa and mixed vegetables complemented with an interesting assortment of nuts, fruit, pasta and grilled vegetables. Meat eaters have many choices, all served with whole grains and plenty of greens.

AMGD also do healthy party platters perfect for office functions and parties at home, and are Halal certified.

Website: www.amgd.sg

Instagram: @amgd.sg

Primal Meal Prep

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Photo: @dy.even 

One of the few delivery services that bases its meals on the amount of macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) individuals need to maintain / gain / lose weight healthily.

Users put in their weight, height, age, activity level and goal; and the macro calculator gives an estimation of how many calories need to be consumed and the amount of carbs, protein and fat in each meal. Diners order their meal based on specific amounts – choose a protein, carb and vegetables, and you’re good to go.

Prices vary according to what you order and the quantity, and you see exactly how many calories go into each meal. For example: 100g turkey breast + 100g brown rice + 100g stir-fried cabbage and mushrooms = 331 calories. This is the ideal choice if you’re in training or wanting to lose or gain weight.

Website: https://primalmealprep.com/

Instagram: @primalmealprep



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Photo: @yolofoodsg

YOLO isn’t just a food delivery service as it also has outlets where you can dine on their healthy renditions of popular dishes. Their in-house nutritionist is certified in sports nutrition by the International Olympic Committee, and you can choose from vegan, vegetarian, omnivarian, low carbs and GF meals. 

Begin by filling out a form and finding out your calorie intake target, choose a suitable daily meal plan comprising lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. An example of a 1250 meal plan – coconut chicken with brown rice and vegetables, apple / orange / 10 almonds, cauliflower fried rice; and the vegetarian version – Peranakan vegetable curry, apple / orange / 10 almonds, vegetarian patties with Asian greens. Choose to pick up your meals at a YOLO outlet or have them delivered.  

Website: http://yolofood.com.sg/

Instagram: @yolofoodsg