Will You Live A Long Life?
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Will You Live A Long Life?


16 April 2016


Of course no one knows how long they will live or when/how they will pass away, however we can use some data to make some predictions on our longevity.

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Changing the predictors below doesn’t mean that it will lengthen your life, but it’s still interesting to give it a go. At the very least, gaining some muscles and a life purpose will most certainly help with the quality of your life. Let’s take a look at some longevity predictors:

Walking Speed

Just how quickly you naturally walk predicts your mortality risk. Researchers found that those who walk at a faster pace tended to live longer. Of course they were measuring the natural walking pace of the participants, so if you think you can speed walk your way to 100, sadly that won’t work. Though it can’t hurt to pick up the pace a little if you’re one of those who walk really, really slowly.

A decline in walking speed is also a good predictor of death. In fact, researchers place so much value in walking speed that they use it as a 'sixth vital sign'.


Turns out that the ability to vice grip is a great predictor of longevity - even better than blood pressure! The handgrip has consistently predicted mortality risks in the middle aged and elderly. So next time your grandfather grips your hand like he is afraid it might fly away, know that it means he’ll be around for a while longer.

White blood cell count

Our white blood cells are what our bodies use to battle pathogens, infections and foreign invaders so it kinda makes sense that the more we have the healthier we are right? Actually, the opposite is true. In healthy men and women, the lower the white blood cell count means a low disease burden and predicts longevity.


I’m not talking about big, Olympic-sized muscles but rather a healthy, lean muscle mass that one gets from regular movement and exercise. The more muscles you have, the better your chances are at surviving falls, breaks, damage, punctures and recovering from surgeries and burns. It also means the less muscles you ‘waste’ when recovering from injuries. So add some weight exercises to your workout to start building some good ol’ muscles.

Life Purpose

I know that for many, the goal is to get to retirement so that you can hit ‘relax’ and take it easy for the rest of your days. That might not be such a great idea though. Turns out that having a life purpose predicts allostatic load. Which is probably why those who retire slowly start ‘feeling’ old and purposeless. However, look at the businessmen who work long into their golden age who seem ageless! Live life with purpose and passion!


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