Why I'm Keeping A Food Diary And You Should Too
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Why I'm Keeping A Food Diary And You Should Too


13 December 2015


Food allergies are an annoying thing, and I’ve been susceptible to them since 2010. Whenever I ate certain foods, rashes would break out on my neck and face within the hour. Although I got a general idea of what was happening after each breakout, I could never 100% put my finger on which specific foods were the culprits.

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Every now and then, I would conduct an experiment. I would cut out certain foods from my diet such as onion, bread, cereal, pasta and rice to see if it would alleviate the symptoms that I was experiencing. Other times, I would introduce foods that I thought would cause a reaction just to see if they did. This was far from fun, but it was a necessary evil!

The more that I experimented, the more that I found that I was on the right track. However, even after conducting all of these tests, I had made a vital error - I was wasn’t writing any of my findings down! This made it incredibly difficult to identify the root causes and effects, and without this concrete information, I’d conduct the same experiments over and over again to refresh my memory of what foods to avoid. In addition, without concrete information, I would easily cave in to peer pressure to eat whatever was on hand at social gatherings.

At some point I had to make a change, so in response to this, I’ll be keeping a diet diary for the next 30 days to track everything that I consume and how I feel afterwards.

I’m only a few days in, but it seems to be effective already. Having an actual diary to fill in has boosted my level of self-awareness tenfold because every time I consume a meal, I’m actively feeling into my body to see what is going on. In fact, I’ve already noticed subtle symptoms that I had not noticed before. For example, some foods cause my stomach to feel unwell and my body to heat up, while I have found fresh vegetables to generally uplift my mood.

With all of the foods and symptoms written down, it’ll be far easier to reflect and discover which foods I am sensitive to at the end of the 30 days. In addition, I’ll have concrete evidence to remind me of which allergy-inducing foods I should stay away from no matter if I’m eating by myself or in the company of others.

If you’ve been feeling that certain foods are making you feel unwell, start tracking what you eat and the symptoms that come up with a food diary today. As they say, self-awareness is the first step forward, and a food diary will help you do just that.