The Solution To Bloating, Dull Skin & Fatigue Is Here - 'Nourish Heal Glow in 28 Days'
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The Solution To Bloating, Dull Skin & Fatigue Is Here - 'Nourish Heal Glow in 28 Days'


22 December 2017


As you look forward to starting the new year, don’t let your persistent ailments hold you back from enjoying life as the best version of yourself you can be. With Nourish Heal Glow, our 28 day health transformation programme designed by health expert, Carina Lipold, learn how you can transform your health and body without dieting, eating bland food or spending hours in the gym.


A Health-And-Body Transformation Guide Designed For The Everyday Asian (Who Loves Their Food!)

Even if you know you should adopt a healthier diet to slim down, help your body heal from ailments like skin problems and constipation, and have more energy — it can be so hard, especially if you lack the discipline to stick to a restricting diet regime you don’t enjoy!

To combat this struggle we all know so well, PurelyB is proud to present: Nourish Heal Glow in 28 Days, our brand new LIVE guided programme coming January 12th, 2018, that will help you find you ideal weight and help heal your body — without ever feeling deprived, and having to follow hundreds of “diet rules”!

Designed with health expert Carina Lipold, Nourish Heal Glow in 28 Days, is an easy step-by-step lifestyle change. With a proven formula which has helped hundreds of her clients worldwide to balance their body and restore optimal health, the programme will help you experience improved health, increased energy and effortless sustainable weight loss.

Feel empowered to radically improve your health as the programme covers not just what you eat, but how you eat and a holistic approach to changing your mindset and life habits.

And the best part? It’s fun and has all your favourite Asian dishes!

Nourish, Heal, Glow in 28 Days Will Help You:

Achieve your ideal weight… finally!

Learn how to cut out harmful processed foods and replace them with wholesome and equally delicious alternatives so you can still enjoy your favourite meals and Asian dishes while achieving your ideal weight.

Help heal ailments and boost energy levels

Learn holistic healthy habits and easy food choices which will:

  • Reduce inflammation to help heal disease
  • Lower the body’s acidity to protect your body from the effects of aging
  • Control blood sugar levels to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Support the body to remove toxins, hormonal imbalance and autoimmune disease

Enjoy delicious healthy meals, inexpensively!

Many commercial diet programmes have been designed for the West and involve ingredients that may be hard to find or extremely expensive in Asia.

With a foolproof shopping list, learn how to identify readily available delicious local ingredients with equally nutritious value. Enjoy the renowned healing powers of Asian herbs and spices to create lifestyle and diet changes that are affordable and accessible for you.

Enjoy lasting results, inside out

Crash dieting does not give lasting results — many people end up regaining the weight they lost, harming their resting metabolic rate and losing muscle mass. With the support from our trusted experts and the community of like-minded people, you will be guided daily to make small, sustainable healthy changes, long-term.

What To Expect

Everyone starts on the same day & will have lifetime access to the programme. Activating on 12th January, Carina will be guiding you every step of the way. Learn at your own pace and pause and resume the programme anytime you want.

You Will Receive

  • Daily video lessons, worksheets & tasks
  • 60+ easy-to-follow recipes with meal plans & shopping lists (gluten-free and dairy-free, with vegan options)
  • Mobile-friendly programme materials easily accessible to those on-the-go
  • Private Facebook community chat group & support
  • Live interactive Facebook Q&A session with a trusted expert

Tested And Proven To Help Achieve A Lasting Health Breakthrough

Carina is a God send! I suffered from severe arthritis but my initial intention of seeing Carina was for weight loss. Due to my inflammation in the joints it affected my exercising ability and general well-being — it was a vicious cycle! So we started to focus on anti-inflammatory foods and started to cut out white sugar, flour and more step by step and replace it with nourishing options. At the same time Carina helped me focus on my emotional state to empower me to get out of this zone where nothing made sense anymore. Over the course one one year all my symptoms disappeared, I could walk again and even achieved my initial goal too: weight loss...but so much more!


Meet Your Nutrition Guide

Carina Lipold Health & Wellness Director At PurelyB

Being born with an autoimmune disease herself, Carina Lipold’s fascination in healthy eating and living led her to become a trained NLP Practitioner, Pilates Coach and Obesity Trainer, with a Masters in Health Management.

After moving from Europe to Asia, she quickly realised that it was impractical to sustain the same healthy eating plan she followed in Europe as the healthy ingredients she used in the West are expensive and sometimes difficult to obtain in Asia. She learnt how to adapt and replace Western ingredients with equally healthy local ones, which were much more readily available.

Having fallen in love with the delicious cuisines of Southeast Asia, Carina understands why many locals struggle to lead a healthy eating plan. She has since imparted her knowledge of local healthy adaptations to help hundreds of her local clients implement healthy eating without eliminating their favourite local dishes.

If you’re ready to say bye to bloat, constipation, dull skin, low energy and excess weight, then it’s time to transform your body and health with Nourish Heal Glow in 28 Days. Join the programme now. Enjoy an exclusive 30% off early-bird offer only till 5th January.