8 Ways your body tells you that you're super fertile!

8 Ways your body tells you that you're super fertile!


25 November 2019


Our bodies can tell us a lot if we pay close attention. It can signal a developing illness; it can tell us when we need to rest and it can even remind us to drink more water throughout the day.

If we monitor it closely, we can even determine our fertility without undergoing any tests. Here are some ways your body is telling you that you are super fertile.

1. Your periods and PMS are like clockwork

If you’re super fertile, your period is super predictable. Your cycle is consistently occurs anywhere from 25 to 35 days, assuming you are not on any form of birth control. What’s more, a longer period cycle can also mean you have a “strong ovarian reserve” or loads of eggs stored up. PMS can be terrible, but it can also be a good thing, as symptoms like breast tenderness and light cramping can mean you are one fertile mom-to-be.

2. Lots and lots of clear discharge

Halfway through your cycle, you may notice copious amounts of clear, odourless discharge; this is when you’re most fertile. It’s also indicative of cervical gland condition and healthy oestrogen production.

3. You don’t have a heavy flow

While every woman’s period is different, both in amount and duration. While many experience heavy flow for a few days regularly, others periods occur for nearly a week and comes in light droplets.

In order for you to get pregnant, your uterine lining must be thick and lush enough. If you experience clotting or heavy bleeding, it depletes your body–your uterus, specifically–and inhibits your uterus from being in a healthy, fresh state, ready for implantation. Super fertile women often have a regular blood flow.

4. You have power over other women’s cycles

Super fertile women have this magical way of syncing up with other women’s cycles. Otherwise known as menstrual synchrony, this is due to strong pheromones which affect women they often spend time with. Giving off super strong pheromones is another sure sign of super fertility.

5. You have well-formed breasts

Breast size and shape can be greatly influenced to the state of your hormones. So having well-developed breasts means you’re hormones are working well, meaning you are truly fertile. It’s important to note, however, that just because you’re breasts are on the small side you can’t get pregnant.

6. Severe pelvic pain? Nope

Though some cramping and PMS is a good sign of fertility, experiencing the severe kind of pain in your pelvic area could mean you are not as fertile as you’d like to be. What’s more, prolonged pelvic pain could also be indicating underlying problems such as ovarian cysts or endometriosis.

7. You’ve gotten pregnant without even trying

Getting pregnant even while you’re on birth control, like an IUD or taking pills, can mean your body is just super fertile. For instance, oral contraceptives are typically 91% effective, meaning there have been instances when women got pregnant while on the pill.

8. Your health history is squeaky clean

If you have managed to treat UTIs–or even STDs–in the past, then you have a greater shot at being super fertile. If you’ve been faithful in visiting your gynaecologist since you first became sexually active, then your cervix and fallopian tubes, which are essential to conception, are most likely in tiptop shape.

You should also take stock of your current lifestyle, such as your diet and work schedule, because they could also greatly affect your journey to super fertility.


This article first appeared on TheAsianParent.com.