How To Raise Champions

How To Raise Champions


9 August 2019


Here are some ways you can stoke the fire on how to raise a champion!

Set some rules

Children need to be raised with rules because they give your children a standard by which they can measure their progress in life. As in sport, rules let children know in from out, fair from foul, and right from wrong. When you set rules for your children, you are communicating to them that you love them and care enough about them to give them guidelines for their behaviour.


Give them praise

The rule is to spend more time telling your children what they are doing right instead of pointing out what they are doing wrong. Praise can increase their confidence, and reminds them they are doing something correctly. And when they do make a mistake, instead of simply criticizing, take time to instruct them on how to do things right.


Encourage optimism and persistence

Teach your child that sometimes they will fail, and that's alright. Reward their effort rather than just success. Encourage them to lose gracefully and look at failures as an opportunity to learn and keep trying until they succeed.


Nurture their interests

Spending time with your nurturing your child's interest can reap great rewards in the future. Showing that you are interested and enthusiastic about them does great things for the self esteem. That's why you'll find that champions often have their parents cheering them on in the sidelines!


Love and affection matter 

Children who grow up without physical affection feel isolated, insecure and afraid. Pat them on the back to comfort them, high five them to celebrate, hug them to reassure them. Tell your children everyday that you love them and then back up those words by their behaviours - set rules, praise, instruct, nurture their interests and shower them children with affection.

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