Five Ways to Biohack Your Home
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Five Ways to Biohack Your Home


24 February 2020


What is this new term making its rounds in the wellness and health circles? And, can you integrate it into daily life?

A simple definition for biohacking courtesy of Merriam-Webster – biological experimentation, e.g. through gene editing (a type of genetic engineering where DNA is modified), the use of drugs or implants, done to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms by individuals or groups working outside a traditional medical or scientific research environment. 

Biohacking is considered a relatively new concept and is also known as DIY biology or citizen science. Again, these are phrases that aren’t commonly heard so let’s break it down into layman’s terms. Biohacking is practised by anyone who wants to explore the subject of biology, which is the study of all living organisms from their anatomy and behaviour to physiology. This is usually done in independent labs without much of a budget – the opposite of what a university or life science company would do. 

A biohacker could have no science background at all or have a PhD; but their aim is the same – to manipulate the body, brain and surrounding environment for better living and performance. Simple examples of this can be intermittent fasting, stem cell injections, cryotherapy and taking supplements. 

Biohacking can also be done within your home to improve your physical and mental health. Here are five easy biohacks to try:


Clean Air

Good air quality should be a given but with pollution caused by vehicles, factories, dust, mould, pollen and annual occurrences like the haze; what we breathe in is far from clean. Invest in a good air purifier and / or have plants in your house.


Reduce Toxins

A normal household uses and contains a vast number of toxin-filled items - from cleaning products and toiletries to chemicals in food and even paint and building materials. Choose natural alternatives for cleaning and personal hygiene and choose food that’s local and organic.


Moderate Electrical Pollution

It’s impossible to live without mobile phones, WIFI, laptops and the host of electrical devices that we can’t live without and emit electromagnetic fields. Reduce this by earthing appliances correctly, turning off devices and the WIFI when not in use and avoid using a microwave oven.


Your Bedroom Is A Haven

A good night’s sleep is compulsory to function and perform properly. Poor sleep can be the result of sleeping too much / too little, an uncomfortable mattress, feeling too hot / cold, screen time just before sleeping and light pollution. Creating a space that’s conducive to sleep by ensuring there’s no blue light in the room, having dark curtains, comfortable bed linen / mattress / pillows and having plants also helps.


Biohack Your Kitchen

Nutrition is also an integral part of biohacking and no matter what kind of diet you follow, it should be healthy and use ingredients that are unprocessed, organic and packed with nutrients. Consume the correct amount of fruit and vegetables; and drink lots of water. Don’t use utensils and cookware that leach chemicals (natural materials like wood, glass, stainless steel and ceramic are best), cook using methods that retain all the goodness of the food, and avoid using a microwave no matter how convenient it is.