Crystal water bottles, faux or for real?
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Crystal water bottles, faux or for real?


2 December 2019


If you’re thinking, “crystal what?” then yes, you read correctly - crystal water bottles. It’s a new trend, thanks to social media influencers, and as is the case with trends, this vital question has to be asked: faux or for real? 

The reason the question is posed is because social media influencers, and celebrities in general, have a history of promoting products with minimal benefits for users yet maximum benefits for the promoters bank account. Anyone remember that infamous detoxing tea that was actually a laxative? Yikes!

So what’s the story behind placing crystals inside water bottles?

A Brief History

If you grew up in Asia, then you’ve definitely seen family or friends wearing the jade crystal as an accessory. This is just one example of how crystals can be, and were, incorporated into daily life due to their myriad of benefits. In fact, healing through crystals can be traced back more than 6,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, eventually even influencing Buddhist and Hindu communities miles away. 

And if there’s one thing people in Asia were taught, it’s to respect our ancestors; so considering the use of crystals is a dated practice, some respect is definitely deserved! For those unaware or new to crystals, you’re already using them in your day-to-day anyway but just for different purposes as almost every phone, laptop, television, and watch is made from clear quartz. 

Crystal water bottles incorporate the same concept of healing but instead of wearing the crystal to experience its benefits, you’re basically drinking the crystal to experience its benefits. So by drinking water infused with the specific vibration of a crystal, that healing energy can be transferred to the drinker. To those that swear by crystal water bottles, it’s apparently the fastest and most effective way of tapping into the healing benefits of crystals.

What To Remain Cautious Of

There are options to choose from: crystal water bottles that have crystals exposed or water bottles that have the crystals sealed up. Either variation works but according to Dr Emma Beckett, “Moisture is key for bacteria growth, so if you aren’t cleaning it well and regularly you could get bacterial growth, because moisture can get trapped in the little cracks and give bacteria space to breed”. 

If you still prefer purchasing an exposed crystal water bottle then remember to avoid any crystals that fall apart in water, such as selenite! Most importantly, do not (we repeat: do not) purchase any crystals that contain lead, copper, or corrosive chemicals - for example: lapis lazuli, pyrite, and wulfenite. Your safest bets would be rose quartz, clear quartz, amethysts, or obsidian. 

Your Intention Matters

At the end of the day, your intention behind the purchase is what matters. If drinking from your crystal water bottle will remind you, each time, to embody the properties of your chosen crystal or to embrace your intention related to the purchase then go for it! Remember, if all else fails the placebo effect will have your back, regardless of if you believe in the healing power of crystals.