DIY - Make Your Own All-Natural Makeup At Home!

DIY - Make Your Own All-Natural Makeup At Home!


9 August 2016


With people becoming more conscious about their health and wellbeing (and quite rightfully so!), homemade products are becoming increasingly popular and high in demand. The latest craze is homemade makeup, using only natural ingredients so it's actually kind to your skin and in the long run keeps it more youthful looking as it has no nasty chemicals. Sounds too good to be true?

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You absolutely need to try it yourself! Not only is it cost effective, it’s easy to make and use. Never thought you could make a full range of makeup? Now you can!

Foundation Powder

This is probably the trickiest among all the homemade makeup products as the pigment and colour need to be as accurate to your skin tone as possible. Arrowroot powder is great as a base as it’s starch that's all natural. Add on cocoa powder, ground cinnamon and some nutmeg, keeping in mind that the mixture should work with your skin colour. As it’s powder based, you can slightly dampen it if you want a more stick-on texture. You can also add on to create a palette of colours so you can use it for highlighting and contouring as well. 


Blusher also comes in many types and colour tones, so have some fun and try a few to see what suits you best. You can use arrowroot as a base and add on coloured natural powder, such as hibiscus or even saffron. Nutmeg is a popular choice as well as the tint is natural and dewy. Similar to the foundation, you can add some moisture to it if you'd like a more creamy texture.


The easiest homemade makeup trick ever! All you need is activated charcoal and distilled water (just because it's cleaner and safer). Use the charcoal and add on drops of water until you get the consistency you'd like on your eyelids. Make sure it's thick enough so it doesn't run and smudge easily. It is recommended to test it on the back of your hand before actually applying it on the eyes. For a smokey eye effect, just use activated charcoal powder and blend it on your eyelids.


Mascara generally has a short life span, so by making your own, you can have a fresh batch done whenever you aren't happy with its consistency and how fast it dries up. Make your own with a mixture of coconut oil (which is also good for eyelash growth), aloe vera gel (for the sticky factor), beeswax and activated charcoal or nutmeg depending on the colour you'd like.


When wearing lipstick, it’s easy to accidentally consume it as it’s applied onto your lips. So eating or drinking, or even just licking your lips can be harmful long term. Use a mix of cocoa butter or shea butter with beeswax and a little coconut or apricot oil to make a lipbalm. To turn it into lipstick, add on colours. Beetroot or natural food colouring seems to be a popular choice as its pigments are strong and look great as lipstick.

Makeup Remover

It comes as a packaged deal - if you're going to be using skin-friendly and safe makeup, it only makes sense to do the same with your makeup remover too. Coconut oil is here to save the day! With its many uses and properties, it also works like magic when removing makeup residue from your skin. Just make sure to be gentle when rubbing against your skin especially around the eyes as the skin in this area is very delicate.

There are tons of recipes out there so find one that works for you and say goodbye to icky chemicals – brings a whole new meaning to ‘natural beauty’!