Teatox: The Latest Way to Lose Weight?
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Teatox: The Latest Way to Lose Weight?


22 March 2016


Most of us have heard of juice and soup cleansing but the rage now seems to be tea and its seemingly remarkable properties that can help you to shed those pounds. Can a cuppa really help you lose weight? Here are some things for you to consider before deciding to do a teatox.

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What’s in it?

It’s always important to know all the ingredients of any product you buy - be it food products or skincare products. This is so that you can gauge the safety of the product as well as the effect it may have on you.

Senna is one of the common ingredients found in all the teatox packages. This popular herbal laxative is believed to be the hero in helping you drop the weight in a relatively short time, but how does it work? Are you really burning the fat or is it water being shed? According to U.S. National Library of Medicine, senna is an FDA-approved nonprescriptive laxative. It is mainly used in treating constipation and to clear the bowels before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. The diuretic properties of senna promotes flushing excess water and other fluids from the body. As a result, you look less bloated and weigh less.

So will you lose weight? Yes, you probably will! And will you look slimmer? Well, getting rid of water retention will of course make you less bloated and slightly smaller. BUT don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is the easy way to lose weight and get fit. All you’re doing is ridding the body of excess water and you’re not actually experiencing the burning of fat - which should be the ultimate goal. Another thing to keep in mind is that taking this laxative over a long period will make your intestines dependent on it for stimulation and can lead to constipation once you decide to stop taking it.

Value for money

Let’s do some simple math here. Getting you a one-month teatox programme will cost you about RM200 versus signing up for a gym membership that will cost around RM150. Just based on price alone, the gym wins. A gym membership will give you access to a variety of classes and exercises such as yoga, pilates, cardio training, strength training; quite a fair bit for the price you’re paying compared to some teabags. The health benefits of exercise are also rather extensive - cardiosvascular circulation, detoxifying, toning up, boosting energy, improving your mood, strengthening your bones and muscles and of course, losing weight are all on the menu just by making exercise a part of your daily routine.

Of course, teatox proponents will argue that with a teatox, you’ll lose weight without having to exert yourself by exercising – also true (but not much weight – and mostly water). There is little evidence to support the theory that teatox will help you attain that slim and toned body. However, a teatox is not a bad idea if what you’re after is a cleanse.

If you are aiming to lose belly fat and gain abs, teatox is definitely not the best solution for it. The most effective way of losing weight still falls back to eating healthily with a consistent workout plan. Much as we’d all like to believe in miraculous food and drinks that would allow us to drop the weight without having to lift a finger, it seems that losing weight still requires some effort.

At least until the next trend appears. After all, you just never know…


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