5 Uses For Avocado Oil

5 Uses For Avocado Oil


1 June 2016


Avocado oil is full of fatty goodness and antioxidants but probably less popular and less known compared to olive oil or coconut oil. However, it is quickly gaining traction as a great cooking and salad dressing oil.

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Avocado oil has a mild smell and a creamy, buttery taste - much like the avocado, which makes it a great alternative to coconut oil, which can sometimes overpower the scent of the food you’re cooking. While it is not as easily available as olive or coconut oil, I’m sure that it will slowly catch up in popularity. Meanwhile, if you do manage to get yourself a bottle, here are five ways you can use avocado oil:


Avocado oil has a high smoke point of 271°C which means that it is great for frying, sauteing and even baking. It also has a milder smell than both coconut and olive oil, so it won’t overpower the dish. Sprinkle some on fish or vegetables before grilling or roasting them.


If you’re looking for a natural alternative to shaving cream, then look no further. Rub a teaspoon of avocado oil on your face in lieu of shaving cream. It works just as well and you’re also helping to moisturise your skin in the process.

Makeup remover


I stopped wearing mascara because I disliked the process of removing it. I always found regular eye makeup removers to be harsh and I always lose more than a few eyelashes in the process. So having a natural oil to remove makeup that is safe and that works is really helpful. I use a cotton ball with some avocado oil in it to wipe off the makeup, like I would with normal makeup removers. Remember to wash your face after with a gentle cleanser if you don’t want an oily feel to it.


I love using natural oils as moisturisers. Avocado oil especially with its vitamin E, carotenoids and healthy fat is a great way to maintain skin health. Just a small dollop spreads easily and keeps skin soft. If you have rough feet, spread some avocado oil on them at night and sleep with your socks on. Wake up to some happy, soft feet!

Bath Time

If you’re into baths, then add a few tablespoons of avocado oil as well as a few drops of lavender oil for a wonderfully silky and moisturising bath. You’ll smell great and won’t dry out when you finally come out. Be careful though as the tub will get slippery!

Improve healing


There is research that shows adding topical avocado oil to a wound improved the wound’s healing rate, increased collagen synthesis and reduced inflammation to the wound. While you should always get treated for a wound, it’s good to know that if it is a small cut, rubbing some avocado oil on it will help its healing process.

As you can see, avocado oil is great not only for cooking, but also if you’re trying to move to more natural cleansers and moisturisers. So grab yourself a bottle!