3 DIY Natural Remedies For Kids

3 DIY Natural Remedies For Kids


18 September 2020


We want to keep the doctors & ailments away, and we want to do so naturally and effectively. Here are some tried and tested ways created by Certified Naturopath Amanda Teh that use basic ingredients like honey, onion and chamomile tea to fight infection, heal wounds & boost immunity. The best thing is that these remedies taste SO good, your kids will think it’s a treat!

Paste For Diarrhea

What you’ll need:  1 mashed banana + 1 cup applesauce (organic) + 1 tsp minced ginger

Banana is rich in pectin which can absorb excess fluid in the intestines. It also restores energy as a result of the potassium. Apple sauce contains pectin too and can support the intestines. Do not use apple juice as it is high in sugar. As for ginger, it is antiviral & has anti-inflammatory properties. It is warming & soothing to the stomach & reduces symptoms such as wind pain, vomiting & nausea.

Mix the three ingredients together into a paste. Leave in the fridge. To consume, add paste on crackers or bread (or anything bland). Avoid spicy and oily foods for the time being. Check out the remedy in making here.


Popsicles For Sore Throats

What you’ll need: 1 tsbp Manuka honey + 4 organic chamomile tea bags + 400 ml boiling water

Brew the chamomile tea and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This tea is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial and will help to reduce pain and swelling in your little one’s throat. Strain the tea in a bowl and add Manuka honey. This New Zealand based honey is strong as an antibacterial and antiviral which is great for wounds, infections and the throat that is sore. Fill the mixture into a mold and add to the fridge for about four hours. You can store these popsicles for upto 2 months. Watch Amanda make the popsicle being made here.


DIY Cough Syrup

What you’ll need: 1 big red onion + ½ cup of honey

Use red onion and not yellow onion as it’s got more minerals and phytonutrients which are better for the immune system. It’s also anti-inflammatory and high in Vitamin C which can also serve to boost immunity. Onions also have quercetin which is an antihistamine making it great for any type of cough including allergy related coughs. Honey is very soothing of course and is rich in enzyme vitamins and acts as an antibacterial agent which can promote healing. 

Cook the onion and honey in low heat for 30 minutes (don't let it burn!). Allow the mixture to be stored in the fridge where it can stay for up to three months. It doesn't have any pungent onion taste so your kids will love it. Check out the remedy being made here.

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