The Digestive Health Benefits of Apples

The Digestive Health Benefits of Apples


5 September 2019


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Who hasn’t heard that one before?! I don’t know about you, but I grew curious as to which colour apple actually keeps said doctor away because that’s the one I want to munchin’ on. 

Both red and green apples have their distinct flavours. Green being tougher and more tart and red being crisp and sweet, but does this mean they vary in their nutritional makeup?

Yes, my friend, they do.

In a world of wellness that’s getting overly excited about all the new exotic superfoods out there, I like to keep it simple and focus on the mundane, yet deliciously refreshing foods a majority of us already have lying around the kitchen—like apples! 

Apples are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as antioxidants, pectin, quercetin and flavonoids which protect your cells and keeps them happy and healthy. They are also an easy way to boost the fibre content of your diet and alleviate constipation while also keeping your heart happy and your liver cleansed.

The simple gesture you were offering your favorite grade school teacher was actually quite the gift, aye?!

As a gut-specialist, I personally like to have my clients opt for the green variety. Green apples are more helpful with digestion and are beneficial to the liver, helping the body detoxify. Although both red and green apples contain these benefits, green apples may contain slightly more fibre and fewer carbohydrates and sugar than red apples, which amplifies these benefits. Green apples are also more tart which helps boost the enzymes in the liver to aid in the body's natural detoxification process. 

Green apples for healthier digestion

Green apples are rich in prebiotic fibres that play a major role in keeping our digestion running like a well-oiled machine.

Your gut is made up of a colony of good bacteria called probiotics and these probiotics require a certain type of food. 

As science is beginning to uncover, the bacteria that make up your microbiome are the driving force behind determining if you live a healthy life or not. This is why you want to make sure your probiotic friends are well-fed so they can do their job correctly.

That’s where the prebiotics from green apples come in! Most plant foods contain these indigestible fibres, but green apples especially so, which is why it’s one of my favourites for keeping mine and my clients' guts happy, balanced, and thriving.

A recent Japanese study involving participants eating two apples a day for two weeks shows a significant increase in the number of beneficial Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus gut flora—two of the major strains that make up your gut bacteria.

Although all colors of apples have these prebiotic fibers, the tart, green apple contains more of them, making it the top choice in which apple to choose to keep that doctor away. 

On top of their prebiotic fibres, green apples are also high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential component for your body's natural production of collagen, the connective tissues that help build a healthy and strong gut lining.

So on top of fueling your gut bugs, you’re also building them a strong home to live within! 

Best ways to eat an apple

There are countless ways to get your daily dose of apple crunchin’ in. You can bake them into an apple crumble, you can slice them up and dip them into some almond butter, you can enjoy them sliced into a crisp and refreshing salad, you can stew some up and make some homemade applesauce, or you can simply just take a nice big bite out of one right now. Any way you slice it, your digestion will thank you for it!

When shopping for apples you do want to be mindful about which apples you choose. You want to look for varieties that are non-GMO and organic since both chemical pesticides and GMOs harm your microbiome.