7 Ways Mulberries Are Good For You

7 Ways Mulberries Are Good For You


7 January 2017


For centuries, mulberries have been used in traditional herbal Chinese medicine to help with many ailments. It has slowly crept into the mainstream medical and pharmaceutical industry due to its incredible properties. Having caught the attention of a wider scope of people, the mulberry now is sought after for the numerous health benefits it offers.

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Found predominantly in Asia, this fruit is not only made into medicine, but also wine, juices, canned food or most commonly dried making it a great addition as a topping for salads, yoghurt or even on its own as a snack. The best part about this superfood is that it's also delicious!

Here's why you should jump on the pro-mulberry bandwagon.

Cleanse Your System

Mulberries have long been used as a blood tonic. What it does is go through a stage of cleaning which helps improve blood circulation as well as enables you to feel rejuvenated. It is considered a blood tonic as it purifies and strengthens the entire circulatory system. This superfood is also known for cleansing the liver and kidneys, especially for those who consume alcohol on a regular basis.

Reduces Cancer Risks

The big 'C' is something most of us fear when it comes to health and quite rightfully so. However, mulberries have been said to be a well-known cancer-preventive fruit based on studies and research. With its high levels of anti-oxidants, it is able to slow down and stunt the growth of cancer cells.

Lowers Cholesterol

Regular consumption of mulberries help keep your cholesterol levels within control. Their nutritional content helps reduce excess fat which in turn helps prevent the risk of cholesterol-related illnesses such as heart disease.

Helps Immunity

Mulberry is packed with high contents of vitamin C, making it great to balance the immune system. With the ability to fight a cold, flu and cough, mulberry can be consumed to ensure these easy to catch illnesses can be avoided or healed quickly. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help the processes along.

Improve Eyesight

The vitamin A content in mulberries helps with improving the eyesight. This is especially needed in this day and age where most of us are glued to our computer and phone screens for most of the day. It can help to relieve eye strain while strengthening the eyesight. In the long term, it stops your eyesight from deteriorating.


Antioxidants are known for their amazing role in helping with anti-ageing and mulberries have them too. Research has shown that drinking a glass of mulberry juice (preferably fresh) can help detoxify the body which not only helps with keeping your body healthy, but also prevents ageing.

Sugar Control

The mulberry leaf is also not without its medicinal properties. Containing chemical compounds that help control high blood sugar levels, mulberry leaves are beneficial for diabetics. Research has also shown that taking mulberry leaf powder can help curb diabetes from progressing in its early stages as well as preventing it.

As much as this superfood is recommended and is all the rave, some people may be allergic to it so do be cautious and check with a health practitioner first. If any skin irritation, or allergic reactions such as swelling occurs, do consult a doctor immediately to avoid further problems. Do make it a point to pick wisely which mulberries to consume, and read the details on the products before purchasing and consuming.