4 Healthy Alternatives to Popular Packaged & Processed Foods

4 Healthy Alternatives to Popular Packaged & Processed Foods


21 July 2019


Small changes to your diet can have major impacts on your health, including cutting out unhealthy packaged or processed foods. Even processed foods labelled as “healthy,” “fat-free,” or “no added sugar” can contain unwanted additives and preservatives to help keep foods fresh - or even make them taste better. 

Fortunately, the rise of health-conscious wellness warriors in the last decade or so has also resulted in a rise in healthier homemade alternatives to popular processed foods that aren’t so great for your health. Here are our favourite healthy swaps for common storebought foods.

Instead of: Bubble Tea, Try: Unsweetened Tea, Green Juice or a Homemade Smoothie

Bubble tea has become wildly popular as of late, with tea shops popping up all over. But this tea is anything but healthy; it’s typically mixed with sugar, milk and non-dairy creamer and can contain up to 18 teaspoons of sugar per serving! Hard pass.

Instead, next time you’re craving a refreshing drink, reach for an unsweetened green or oolong tea with a squeeze of lemon or a green juice...just make sure it isn’t loaded with added sugars! Or try a homemade, nourishing smoothie or juice. The best part of making it yourself is that you can control what goes into it! Here are a few of our favourite healthy recipes: 

Instead of: Soy Sauce, Try: Coconut Aminos

We’ll admit, soy sauce definitely isn’t the worst thing you could be consuming. However, it’s extremely high in sodium - about 900mg per tablespoon, which equals out to ⅓ of your daily maximum. And even the low sodium versions still pack around 600mg per tablespoon. Not to mention, soy sauce is completely off the table for those with soy or gluten intolerances. 

If you’re not ready to end your love affair with this salty sauce, try swapping your regular soy for coconut aminos. Coconut aminos (we love the Bragg’s Coconut Liquid Aminos) are all-natural, gluten- and soy-free and contain much less sodium per serving, just 140mg. 

Instead of: Storebought Sauces & Condiments, Try: Making Your Own

If you take a peek at the ingredient label on many of your favourite storebought sauces or condiments (excluding those marketed to the health-conscious consumers, like Annie’s, Spectrum Naturals or Simply Natural) you will find that they’re usually packed additives and preservatives, MSG, flavourings and sugar.

For fresher, more flavourful sauces and condiments, try making your own at home. Here are a few of our favourite healthy sauce and condiment recipes: 

Instead of: Dried Fruit, Try: Fresh Fruit

If you turn to dried fruit as an easy, on-the-go snack, you’re not alone! Heck, it is convenient - and tasty. But it’s important to note that many dried fruits actually contain added sugar on top of the already naturally occurring sugar found in the fruit. Not to mention, since the fruit is dehydrated and condensed, it’s easy to overeat, resulting in a rush of sugar to your system. Instead, consider swapping your dried fruit for fresh fruit. If you really can’t part with dried fruit, be aware of serving size when consuming this snack and make sure to check the nutrition label to make sure no sugar has been added.