5 Simple Steps To Becoming a Better Manifestor
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5 Simple Steps To Becoming a Better Manifestor


30 December 2019


Affirmative action, positivity and being in touch with your emotional and spiritual self

The word ‘manifestor’ is derived from the word manifest, which basically means to show or prove something through actions and signs. This is a word that is commonly heard when talking about spirituality, religion and emotional wellbeing. It is said that there are three types of manifestors – those that make the most of what they have and become successful and happier; and those who are passive manifestors and therefore struggle to find the ideal life balance. Then there are the master manifestors  who achieve the high goals they set and are always looking for more challenges, e.g. athletes, leaders in business or politics, celebrities.

You may knowingly fall into one of these categories or not even be aware that being able to manifest is a powerful tool that can enhance your daily life.


Be grateful 

Gratitude is a powerful emotion that has become a rare commodity in our detached society. Be thankful for even the smallest thing or action. If you’re in good health and have supportive family and friends, be grateful. If someone is kind to you, show appreciation. Never take anything for granted and remember that showing gratitude is a very positive action that improves your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Attached with gratefulness is also a powerful energetic charge.


Anything is possible

Dreams, aspirations, wishes and hopes – we all have them. It may be something simple like getting a promotion at work or something that seems unattainable like closing a multi-million-dollar deal. On a more personal level, you may be hoping to meet a worthy life partner or even become fit enough to run a marathon. Whatever it may be, you must be open to all opportunities and possibilities no matter how improbable it seems at the time. Take a chance, be bold and don’t waste time and on naysayers and doubt. Go for it, and leave the fear behind.


What goes around, comes around

This may sound cliché but whatever we do and say will come back to us either with an affirmative outcome or something damaging - call it karma, fate or luck. You get what you give so if you want people to treat you better or with more respect, that’s how you need to treat them. This goes for every situation from wanting to find love to making new friends and even becoming financially successful. 


Good company matters

We are often judged by the company we keep. Family, partners and friends influence the way we think, live and make important decisions. Try and surround yourself with people on the same wavelength as you; those who are supportive and inspirational. Veer away from people who are defensive, critical, and refuse to acknowledge their wrongdoing and who make you feel unhappy and unsure. 


Forgive yourself

Whatever intention you set yourself, be it life changing or trivial, realise that you may not be successful immediately. There will be obstacles along the way and there will be moments when you want to give up, then feel guilty. Take a step back and don’t be so hard on yourself. Nothing happens overnight and no one is perfect! Once you learn to forgive your shortcomings, you will find that everything falls into place eventually. 

Here’s to wishing 2020 is a year full of manifestations for you - after all, it is in your control.

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