How to Destress with Reiki Master Martin Fields

How to Destress with Reiki Master Martin Fields


23 September 2015


Stress is one of the most common causes of ill health today. It impacts both the mind and body,and can lead to long-term complications if left unchecked. However, if you know how to prevent it and deal with it properly, stress can be a problem of the past.

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Born with a natural talent and now a Reiki Master, Martin Field is the master of destressing having journeyed from being a carpenter in Jersey, UK to learning from Reiki and Buddhist masters all throughout Asia.

I recently caught up with the “healing carpenter” to ask him about his tips to combat stress and delve into his fascinating story.

Marty, you often work with people who are highly stressed. What are your top three tips for them?

The most important thing is to have a morning routine. I’d recommend keeping your eyes closed when you wake up in the morning then scanning your body starting from your toes and up to your head. Ask yourself questions like, “how am I feeling today?” and “what do I want to achieve today?” Meditate on your answers for 5 to 10 minutes, taking in deep breaths and welcoming the day with gratitude. Then, drink some water at room temperature as it will infuse straight into your body to start your metabolism and start your day!

Ok, great. So let’s say that I’ve started my morning by scanning my body, from my toes and then up to my head, one part at the time. What else should I be doing?

Once you’ve done that, do some simple breathing exercises in between like the “kalibata,” which is a stomach breathing exercise. This picks up your energy levels, centres your mind and pushes out negativity. You should breathe in and out through your nose all day. If you focus on your nose, you will notice that one side is always more open than the other. Naturally, your right nostril is open during the day, while your left is open at night If your left nostril is open during the day, you will feel slightly tired.

And then you can try the reclining Buddha by lying on one side and supporting your head with your hand to really feel your energy pick up.

And what's your third tip?

Reduce your intake of coffee and alcohol… and in general, just eat healthier. Stay away from red meat, and make sure that you eat lots of fruits and veggies. Just by doing this, you will feel more positive towards the planet and yourself.

Tiny changes count. There’s no need to take big steps at first. Take tiny steps. Baby steps.


Thanks so much Marty. Great tips! One of your main passions is Reiki which you also use to help people destress. How would you describe it?

Reiki means “energy of the universe” - “rei,” means universal energy and “ki” is your life force. So in short, I help people to tap into the energy that is all around us.

How did you actually get into Reiki? Tell us about your journey.

When I was 15 years old, I discovered that I had this gift but had no one to share it with. Five years later, I moved to Jersey, met a carpenter in the bar that I was working at and started to learn carpentry. While there, I also met a lot of Reiki teachers and surfers, so I started going surfing and sharing my skill with others. People told me that I was a natural and so they started teaching me and then I practiced it on friends.

Eventually, I went to Thailand with 12 friends. We took a walk through nature and I saw a monk walking along a path. He vanished, but I followed the path which then led to a monastery. I found the Buddhist monk who was walking along the path and he accepted me in.For three months, he blew my mind with his Buddhist teachings. And that’s how I became Buddhist.

When I returned to the UK, I kept on practicing and then I went to Japan to meet a real Reiki master. It was there that I achieved my master level, before returning to work at a building company in Somerset, UK. I continued to work and practice Reiki, and travel to meet and learn from other masters in between. I also took part in several initiations, two of which were in India. And eventually, I felt that I really was a “master.”

I returned again to the UK and opened my own company while offering Reiki for free. I loved what I was doing as I was helping to improve people’s lives. So much so that I closed the company and came back to Asia.

I went to India for three months of meditation training in Rishikesh and then I started working as a Visiting Practitioner for Six Senses, which is what I’m still doing and love doing today.