Why You Need Crystals, Palo Santo & Sage For Healing Now

Why You Need Crystals, Palo Santo & Sage For Healing Now


12 October 2020


Healing is an interesting phenomenon. It is the process of restoration that can depend on a variety of factors. By default, our body's job is to restore & heal us but there are many opposing factors that can prevent this intrinsic ability. 

These include our modern lifestyles, environmental factors, food, stress, and preexisting health conditions. These can overburden our system and weaken our immunity which makes us more susceptible to illness & makes healing a little more hard for the body to do on it’s own. We also often forget that mother nature is ever abundant, and can be an effective resource to providing harmony, health & overall wellbeing. 

There are plenty of alternative therapies out there that originate from mother nature. Our earth is abundant with plants and crystals that are natural and have been known for thousands of generations to serve in medicinal, healing, cleansing & clearing abilities due to their pure properties and the amount of energy contained. These substances can rebalance our bodies, our energies as well as physical spaces, pets and plants. Not only are they effective, but they also present no side effects. So if these types of healing is new to you, you’ll want to read closely.


Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are not something new in alternative medicine. Crystals are not only beautiful to the eye, but they have been known for their unique benefits since centuries ago. They come in unique shapes and colours and each of them represent unique characteristics and benefits. Some are amethysts, sapphires, rose quartz and selenite. You can use them in a variety of ways - by placing them in the home, wearing them in jewelry, or even using them in water bottles. Crystals are believed to have the cleansing power to eliminate the negative energies from your aura (your energetic fields) that surround your physical body & soul. They also promote a positive physical and emotional state of minds.


Crystals: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystals are dark pink in colour. As the name connotes, rose quartz represents love. It is believed that this gemstone can bring out inner love and empathy. Rose quartz encourages more self-love and respect in people.

As for relationships, wearing rose quartz jewellery is believed to generate love & attraction and promote a healthy, harmonious relationship between two people. It also helps to cleanse the soul from anger, grief, stress, as well as balancing the negative emotions. Rose quartz is also wonderful for the skin.


Crystals: Selenite

Selenite is a combination of a variety of gypsum minerals. Many would keep this crystal as a tool to bring good luck and protect from bad energy. It is believed to promote the mind's clarity, increase alertness and help with memory. Spiritually, selenite is said to be useful in promoting peace, serenity, purification, forgiveness, purity of heart and help in meditation. In addition to this, selenite is believed to help with insomnia and promote good sleep.


Palo Santo + Sage

Another popular tool for cleansing bad energy are herbs that originate from the earth, are dried & then bundled up to be called palo santo and sage. Palo santo is a wood from the Graveolens Tree, which will emit a balsamic wood fragrance if lit. Sage on the other hand is a leaf from the Sage Plant. It also emits a strong fragrance when burnt. These herbs are popular tools used since ancient times in the Native American community for its cleansing properties.

Traditionally, they are used during special ritual ceremonies to clean negative energy and for purification. It is also known to be used in homes and workspaces for cleansing of physical spaces. The use of this incense is said to attract love and happiness, purifying the air and adding good energy. Sage is also antibacterial and cleanses the home from mold and dust.

Experts say that when a sage is burned, it will release negative ions that are believed to alleviate moods. As for palo santo, it is known to promote healing, purification and to uplift & maintain positive energy. Using palo santo and sage together is extremely powerful - it can cleanse the body & physical space or any old energy that’s stuck & needs to be released. So if you’ve had a bad day, or have been feeling down, light your palo santo and sage & whisk it over your room and body - you will feel better shortly after. 

So if you’re ready to give these natural therapies a go, and want to begin to experience the benefit for yourself, now is the perfect time to sign up for our LIMITED EDITION Relax & Restore Self Care Wellness Kit where you’ll be able to get rose quartz, selenite crystals & palo santo - and so much more!



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