The 7-Day Wellness Starter Kit - What Is It?

The 7-Day Wellness Starter Kit - What Is It?


24 June 2020


We’re happy to announce the launch of our PurelyB Wellness Starter Kit! If you’re wondering what this kit is - it’s a curated 7 virtual day program that’s got valuable information and actionable steps for people who want to commit to their health. It’s great for people who have a desire to start to live healthier wholesome lives but don’t really know how to begin, as well as people who already are taking positive steps but want to further improve their health. All without the need to spend excessive amounts on health coaches, personal trainers and fancy gyms.

Best thing is, anyone from anywhere can implement the steps in the kit - it’s simple, powerful & very effective and only takes 7 days! And our kits include custom plans for vegans as well as meat-eaters and you can participate from anywhere at your own convenience.


So what are some of the benefits you can expect to see? 

  • Feel lighter and more energised

  • Experience improved digestion

  • Be able to eat mindfully

  • Balance out hormones and have less cravings as a result

  • Make better choices when shopping for foods and ingredients

  • Learn about food and ingredients to avoid 

  • Make delicious, filling, easy, wholesome recipes that satiate you & allow you to stay on track towards your goals

  • Incorporate the Pegaga By PurelyB traditional Asian superfood blend in delicious recipes that will overhaul your health

  • Join a community of fellow participants which grants you access to tips, recipes, support & expert advice

So what does the plan actually include? Here are the elements:

  1. You’ll be first introduced to the concept of mindful eating - which in turn converts into mindful living - a priceless tool to use to navigate life with. 

  2. We also share with you the do’s & don'ts of shopping so you can understand how, when and where to shop to promote healthy, efficiency and overall well being. You will also receive a shopping list for you to take with you the next time you grocery shop. This is divided into fruit, nuts & seeds, veggies, liquids, dry goods, protein, grains & legumes and sweeteners. 

  3. You’ll get a delicious healthy recipe book for vegans and omnivores, understand the concept of meal prep and how to make it work for you, your kitchen and your schedule. 

  4. You’ll get to join our exclusive PurelyB members community group on Facebook for ongoing support and inspiration! 

We’re so excited you’re considering this 7 Day Wellness Starter Kit and look forward to beginning this journey with you! If you have any questions for us, please send them our way on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll be happy to get back to you.