6 Signs That It’s Time To Start Changing Your Own Mindset

6 Signs That It’s Time To Start Changing Your Own Mindset


17 March 2016


It is ultimately only our thoughts that help us or hurt us. Once our mindset changes, everything outside gradually changes along with it.

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In order to live a fulfilling life, one that you are proud of, you’re going to need to adjust a couple of things, mainly all to do with your own mindset. Here are six red lights to spur you on towards that positive change.

1. You continue to be affected by what others say

Every comment, every mention and every habit set around you somehow affects the way you think and the way you see yourself. But you need to remember that you are the only person who is in charge of how you end up feeling at the end of the day. It’s time to stop taking in what everyone has to say and stand up for your own emotions. Defend your own mind, because those around are just spectators. Be confident in the person that you are, because your mind is what shapes your character. Be the character that you want, the rest will see it from the way you hold yourself.

2. You fear every move

You question every decision with a million obstacles, answering what shouldn’t have an answer - all because of fear. Fear of change and fear of anything different than what you find to be the norm. Take charge of this fear and show them who’s boss. Only you can create the bridge that crosses the fear. Because if you continue to hide behind fear, you’ll never have the confidence to get up and charge towards what makes you scared. Going after something scary yet fulfilling is a feeling you need to experience.

3. You see nothing but negativity

If you are determined to turn your present moments into great memories, then you will have to focus on the positive. Don’t allow negative thoughts to fog up your vision and take over your feelings and thoughts in the present. Though it is part of human nature to have negative thoughts, worries and fears as it beneficial in some situations, it isn’t how you’re going to enjoy the present.

Take some time to adjust your thoughts and add a little more positivity into your daily life.

4. You instantly blame others

When you’re facing any form of emotional distraught, your instincts are to blame someone else for it. It’s time to put the sword down and stop attacking others in your head. Be strong emotionally by controlling your own emotions without blame – accept and learn to let go. Letting go gives us emotional freedom, which then leads to happiness.

5. You are never satisfied with what you have

You have most things, but the only thing missing is that feeling of satisfaction. Be gentle with yourself and start to appreciate the things you already have. Praise yourself for your own achievements and set up new goals that involve feeling good as much as possible. Things are replaceable, but adjusting your emotions accordingly will keep your fulfilled. The key is to want less but to appreciate more.

6. You tend to live in the past

Nostalgia is a good and necessary state of mind, but sometimes, taking it too far is just an unwanted cycle. Looking back and regretting the past will just pull you down. Learn from the past - if you feel like there’s something you wish you did, it’s time to take it into your own hands and do it now. Do it for the present you and for the future you. Move forward with new goals - use your past to push you through to greater things.