Self-Love Practices For The Holidays

Self-Love Practices For The Holidays


28 December 2016


The year-end is certainly upon us now with just a few days left to the year. No doubt that for many, in addition to being a time of reflection and giving thanks, this is also a season of merriment, parties, travelling and celebration. As we turn to the holiday activities and festivities that we have in store with family and friends, let’s also remember to spare some time to celebrate ourselves this season. Here are some ideas to inspire your self-love practice over the holidays:

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Go on leave and mean it

You’ve set your out-of-office auto-reply on and are on leave for the rest of the year, but yet you still feel the need to check your e-mails, ‘just in case.’ If you’ve gone on holiday with a clear conscience and loose ends tied up, then honour that by keeping it that way. Give yourself permission to fully release all thoughts and unnecessary worries about work. You deserve a break and the opportunity to be fully present to enjoy the quality time that your holidays are made up of: family, friends, travel or otherwise.

Allocate ‘me time’

This is a really easy to do self-love tip. Dedicate a few hours a week to be by yourself over the holidays and spend it doing something you absolutely love. It could be anything from taking your favourite yoga class, to getting a massage, eating at your favourite café or even just taking a nap. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you choose something that fills you with joy and leaves you feeling nourished and pampered. Spending quality time alone also gives you a chance to step back from the holiday ‘madness’ and savour a few quiet moments to reflect and recharge.

Give thanks

Expressing gratitude is a powerful way of practicing self-love. This practice aids in diffusing stressful situations and thus enables us to feel more calm and at peace. It also expands our capacity for compassion and encourages us to lean into more opportunities for tenderness and love. Start by giving thanks for the little things in your day like your favourite cup of coffee, a beautiful blue sky or a hug from your child and notice how the simple act of saying a whole-hearted ‘thank you’ can really shift your attitude for the day to one that is more positive and joyful.

Have fun

And it goes without saying, in the course of all of this, don’t forget to have fun! It’s a time of merriment so why not let go of any reservations and explore your silly side or express your inner child? Find more opportunities to laugh out loud more, and as much as possible, surround yourself with fun activities and people who bring you the most light. It is the holidays after all and there’s no better way to spend it than by doing something you truly enjoy.

Developing a self-love practice is a beautiful way to cultivate a regular way of expressing love and gratitude to the one person who really matters: You. So this season, gift yourself something truly immeasurable – the gift of self-love.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!