5 Easy Tips For Looking & Feeling Amazing On The Big Day

5 Easy Tips For Looking & Feeling Amazing On The Big Day


1 November 2018


He proposed at sunset on a beach and everyone overwhelmed you with congratulations. Then reality kicked in, the wedding planning begins and it can be very stressful. As a Fitness Transformation Specialist, I’ve worked with many brides-to-be, and quite often I’ve become the one they turn to for guidance during their pre-wedding journey.

Listening to them I realised that the many hurdles brides-to-be face are universal and I have derived some beneficial tips aimed at helping you feel and look your best on your special day. These should be practised and adhered to months before for the best results — this is not an overnight process so stay focused for the best results.


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5 Easy Tips For Looking & Feeling Amazing On The Big Day

Be present in the moment

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Crucial logistical decisions like attend fittings, pre-wedding shoots and rehearsals and trying to handpick personalised items to make the day special are time consuming and nerve-racking. So much doing that ‘being’ gets forgotten.

The ability to ‘be’ in the moment means not dwelling on the past (frustrations and disappointments) and letting go of thoughts of the future (fear and anxiety). That’s not to say that we shouldn’t worry something could go wrong, but we should have the space to check in with ourselves, assess how we feel physically and mentally, notice the small things and spend quality time with your partner.

Embrace stress

Working all day and wedding planning during your free time can throw you off guard mentally and physically. Everyone defines stress differently and has their own tolerance levels. We need to learn how to embrace stress because once we accept this, calmness can prevail. The more we resist stress, the more it persists.

How can we do this? It comes down to the perception we have towards the stressor. Making it a negative one will result in becoming disempowered, while having a positive response to stress can drive you to overcome challenges with grit and faith.

Stay fit

As the saying goes, your body achieves what your mind believes. What about that your mind achieves according to how your body moves? Research has shown that the way we move shifts the way we feel and think. A Harvard University study concluded that by striking a ‘Wonder Woman’ power pose — chest upright and hands on the side of your waist — stress hormones reduced and testosterone (vitality) increased.

Working out requires strong postures to lift weights, jump and run; and we subconsciously get ourselves into power poses to perform the exercises. Getting fit is guaranteed to induce happy hormones like endorphins and will leave you feeling empowered and ready to deal with anything!

Sleeping beauty

We all wish there were more hours in the day so we can get everything done and sleepadequately. Sleep should never be compromised as a restful night is necessary so you can dealwith every task at hand the next day. Poor sleep results in a sluggish metabolism, skin issues,loss of motivation and even weight problems. Focus on getting enough sleep so that you showready for anything like looking your best for your wedding shoot and dancing the night way at your wedding!

Eat with a purpose

An effective approach to food and eating can just be having a purpose of doing so rather than treating it like a chore. Eat the way you want to look and feel when making food choices. Brides-to-be tend to neglect the importance of this especially as the wedding draws near. Fast food and unhealthy snacking will not serve your body well during this stressful period. Get the basics covered with essential proteins, vitamins and fibre to nourish your body and remain in the best mental and physical state.

So there you have it. It’s not rocket science but a healthy, doable and empowering way of ensuring you look and feel your best on your wedding day and beyond.