How to Banish Sunday Scaries for Good!

How to Banish Sunday Scaries for Good!


11 October 2019


The “Sunday Scaries” are no fun! Chances are you experienced them as a kid...thinking they would go away after graduation. Then you get into the real world and find yourself feeling the exact same way before Monday rolls around. 

Sunday Scaries manifest differently for different people. It could start with a pit in your stomach, a dull ache in your heart, aimlessly scrolling on Instagram, binging on Netflix, ignoring your tasks or maybe even eating mindlessly. We’ve been there before. We get it. And it is OK.

There are two important aspects to note when it comes to the dread that forms inside you on a Sunday afternoon. Firstly, the anxiety you feel associated with Sunday evenings is partly due to the impending inevitable Monday—but more importantly, these feelings may arise as a result of habit. Let us explain: if you have had these feelings over the years arise every week, it almost becomes like clockwork. Your body associates Sunday night with anxiety and even though you could potentially have an exciting coming week, you still feel a pang of scaries out of habit.

Now that you understand where these feelings come from, here are few practical ways to prevent your anxiety from going into overdrive:

1. Stay Present. Being in everything you do in the evening. If you crave desserts, be mindful of each bite, how it tastes, how many spoons you are eating as well as your visceral reaction to your food. Staying conscious of how your body responds to the scaries can help you gradually break away from the autopilot cycle which will eventually reduce your time in the zone of anxiety.

2. Sunday Night Is For Self Care. Self-care helps us stay present; it is really that simple. The more you nourish yourself in a time of anxiety, the more you are being there for you. With each self-care routine, you are rescuing yourself from a scary time, sending messages to your psyche that all is well and that it really is not that bad.

3. Music. Start playing the tunes Sunday afternoon, way before the scaries usually set in. This will help to buffer the blow for when they do decide to visit. Blast that playlist and alleviate your mood. We suggest an 80's or 90's playlist - that usually gets things going.

4. Be Nice. And we mean to yourself. Reward yourself a little. For example, if there is a film you have been wanting to check out, this is the time to watch it. Is your favourite band releasing a new album? Do not listen to it until Sunday evening. Or buy yourself a copy of a new magazine. Or take an Epsom salt bath. Basically switch your brain's association of Sunday evening from being a nervous time to a time that is fun.

5. A Bedtime Routine. Laying down the line with some rules can also go a long way. A regular bedtime will bring you some comfort, allows you the needed rest so that Monday is not further burdened with lack of sleep. Remember, give yourself plenty of time to wind down before you decide to sleep. We suggest going at least thirty minutes phone free before the zzz's start to kick in.