Cultivate Self-Love This Valentine's Day

Cultivate Self-Love This Valentine's Day


12 February 2017


Valentine’s Day is all about showing the love you have for that special someone. But has it ever crossed your mind, that YOU are special too? Whether you’re single or taken, it is vital to love and understand our individual selves. In conjunction with celebrating the season of love, here are some ways you can cultivate self-love.

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Create a Self-Love Ritual

Stop taking your body and life for granted! Shower yourself with gratitude by indulging in time for yourself. Try out a natural homemade beauty solution! Or be active and give a new fitness class a go! Unwind and unplug yourself from social media and get centred. Do anything that makes you happy and vibrate positive energy in your life! Build your own community Positive energy is contagious, so it is important to build a valuable community around you. You are whom you interact with! And we tend to gravitate towards certain friends based on our aspirations and interests. It is proven that you are highly influenced by the average five people you spend the most time with. So stay away from people who emotionally and mentally drain your energy. And learn to choose your peers with care, as they create an environment in which you would either thrive or wilt.

Declutter Your Space

Doesn’t the idea of a simplified, uncluttered life sound attractive to you? Cleaning up will not only organise your space, but will positively impact your mind. And cleansing your mind can sometimes work in the form of letting go of unwanted and unnecessary clothes or goods. Let go off anything that doesn’t spark joy in your life, or links to any negative feelings or emotions. Read more on our article about the KonMari Method that helps you declutter your space and mind!

Tune Into Your Body

Get to know and treat your body well. We often stop paying attention to how our body works, especially when we’re pressed for time. Be purposeful with what you put into your body and feed it with nutrient–rich foods. Your body will thank you with providing the energy and metabolism to carry out your day!

Let Go and Let Loose

The only way you can experience new joy and happiness in your life is to make space for it. Make a commitment to accept and move on from a negative past! An exercise to practice is to write a love note to yourself! Express your feelings and thoughts on paper. Let go of any grudges, hurtful or negative moments. Thank yourself for overcoming that experience and look forward as a new leaf unfolds. Always remember that you can’t undo the past, all you can do is make today the best day of your life!

Create and Curate a Vision Board

Acknowledging and pursuing your dreams is an act of self-love. Setting visual goals would be a reminder on why we love ourselves during difficult times. You can fill your board with accomplishments you have achieved, the qualities you have, positive quotes and beautiful photos of yourself or whatever makes you happy. Let your vision board reflect what is most important - you!

Self-love is not a chore but a state of appreciation. It is about honouring your needs, wants, wishes and demands. You will have a better understanding and be in tune with your feelings and thoughts. You will have the ability to love a person as much as you love yourself. So set yourself as an example for those you love in your life, and make time for yourself this Valentine’s Day!