7 Reasons To Try Palo Santo Now

7 Reasons To Try Palo Santo Now


26 October 2020


Palo santo, which means “holy wood” or “wood of the saints”, is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and in some regions of Central America. It’s related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. It is one of the most fragrant woods in the world with sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon.

Traditionally, Palo santo was used by Shamans and healers to purify the air and cleanse negative energy. The benefits of palo santo can be experienced in various forms such as wood, essential oil and incense sticks.


1. It’s an effective way to ward off unwelcome bugs

The wood from palo santo trees is very rich in limonene which is used to make a natural bug repellent. “Limonene is part of the plant's defense against insects." Palo Santo can ward off bugs in a natural, non-harmful way. without the harsh chemicals of products.


2. Palo Santo can be used to relieve stress and relax 

Chadwick said, “palo santo oil is purifying the air and the mind. It has antimicrobial properties, tends to be calming to the nervous system, can reduce feelings of anxiety and may brighten the mood”.


3. Attracting positive energy

For its high resin content, palo santo has been used for centuries to cleanse negative energy and attract positive energy, to clean any space’s energy, simply light a stick with a candle or a lighter and allow it to burn for 30 seconds to a minute, then carefully blow it out, start moving around the space allowing the smoke to waft around each area. Through the process of burning it releases sacred wood oils that cleanse the space and people it comes into contact with, attracting positive energy and filling your home with good fortune.


4. You can take it everywhere 

One of the biggest advantages of palo santo is the mobility of use, you can experience its beneficial effects anywhere you go, unlike a sage bundle, palo santo wood is proportioned for spiritual seekers who spend a lot of time away from home.


5. Palo santo can be used to relieve headaches too 

As Dr. Isaac Alexis explains, sniffing the diffusion or smudging a stick itself will help “release neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin while stimulating the release of endorphins and enkephalins, the body’s natural pain killers.” You can mix a small amount of palo santo oil with coconut oil and rub it into your temples and neck. Or you can dilute a few drops in water and dissolve the vapors with a diffuser whenever a headache strikes.


6. Aids with the common cold and flu 

Palo santo has been historically used as a natural remedy for colds and flu, it’s also has been used for boosting the immune system, "when its oils are added to hot water and then inhaled, palo santo oil can relieve congestion and throat pain as well as inflammation, all of which are present in both the cold and the flu," says Dr. Alexis. Apply a few drops to your chest at heart level or add some to your shower or bath to beat a cold or flu.


7. Palo santo will awaken your creativity and inspire you

Palo santo is not just good for physical and psychological health or healing, but it does inspire positivity at large. Burning palo santo sticks will welcome creativity, love and good fortune into your space, along with banishing negative feelings. because of its effect on positivity and purity of thoughts, it will let the person have all new ideas and accept challenges that lead to potential professional and personal growth.

So if you’d like to make use of this magical little wooden sticks to enjoy the fragrance and feel the negative wash away, we have some palo santo sticks for you in our Relax & Restore Kit


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