5 Ways to Be More Mindful in Your Relationship

5 Ways to Be More Mindful in Your Relationship


21 July 2019


There are many interpretations of mindfulness - but put simply, mindfulness is making a conscious effort to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, surroundings and the people you’re with. For anyone who has been in a long-term relationship, you know the journey isn’t always romance and happiness, but practising mindfulness with your partner can help you keep your relationship healthy and longlasting. 

We’ve all experienced the euphoria of new love, the comfort of true love - and sometimes, the mundaneness of longterm love. The pressures and responsibilities of life - careers, children, financial obligations, family issues - take its toll on a relationship and there may be moments when you realise that connection and communication have diminished - or even worse, ceased altogether. This is where mindfulness can play an important role in getting a couple back on track. Try these tips next time you're craving a deeper connection with your partner.

Switch off for a moment

The couple that plays together, stays together - and this also rings true for those who relax together. This doesn’t mean couch potato sessions watching Netflix in silence (although sometimes that’s nice!). Take 10 minutes to meditate together, go enjoy a yoga class or take a quiet walk around the neighbourhood and talk about your day. It’s all about easing the day’s stress via mental relaxation. If you’re really busy, even stopping for a moment, taking a deep breath and acknowledging one another amongst the chaos can help bring you closer.

Make date night a thing

Date night is like an unattainable fantasy for many modern couples. Between working long hours, dealing with babies and trying to preserve some semblance of a well-run home, who has time for date night?! But it’s so important! Make the effort to make time as a couple – go for a couples massage, a quiet dinner or your favourite activity to do together.

Stop an argument in its tracks

There will be moments when you will get angry, annoyed, irritated or downright furious with your partner - and vice versa. Accept that this is normal and instead of carrying on a petty argument, be aware of how you’re feeling and how you’re making your partner feel. If you are comfortable with it, have an agreed-upon signal to decelerate a heated moment with your partner. It should be discreet, e.g. gently squeezing your partner’s hand, especially in public. When the situation has simmered down, talk about it; you may find the argument wasn’t worth having in the first place.

Get outdoors and play!

Between the office and keeping up around the house, we spend a silly amount of time indoors. Living in a bustling city doesn’t help, but spending a little time outdoors daily makes a huge difference. Go for a walk in the park, play badminton over your gate, walk the dog, have a swim or just find somewhere pleasant to sit and admire the view. Be aware of the nature around you, even if you live in the middle of a city. Just 30 minutes of easy physical activity together is an uncomplicated way of connecting with your partner.

Listen & speak - mindfully

At the core of mindfulness is being conscious of the way we speak, listen and are present within the moment with our partner. Try and really listen to each other and be aware that every moment you have together should be valued.