Transform and cleanse your body, mind and soul during the Full Flower Blood Moon. The best one of the century.
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Transform and cleanse your body, mind and soul during the Full Flower Blood Moon. The best one of the century.


18 May 2022


The Full Moon of May that falls on the 15th to 16th is known as Flower Moon to signify the flowers that bloom during this month. The name 'Flower Moon' derives from the many flowers, especially wildflowers, that bloom in abundance during May.

This year, the Full Flower Moon is at one of its rarest states, being a blood moon in a lunar eclipse phase, and has not been in this alignment for about 33 years. This is the perfect time to set new intentions, for example, what you want to bring into your life with relation to physical or mental health as well as cleanse and heal all blockages in your life to allow yourself to blossom into your highest potential (just like the spring flowers!).

(Note: The effects of the Full Flower Blood Moon will last until the end of the month. Rituals can be done until the end of the month, so make full use of this transformational period!)

The Full Flower Moon is a powerful and extremely impactful period during the Spring season. Emotions will be brought to a climax, eradicating anything that we need to leave behind, whether we are ready or not. This period of time will bring in great transformational shifts that will enhance the growth of an individual in many different ways. 

Aligning with the full Flower Moon allows you to be grounded to nature and the environment around you, all while preparing you for what is yet to come in your life. Here at PurelyB, we practice Bach Flower rituals to get us aligned and centred, inviting and welcoming all fresh transformational changes into our lives with grace and calmness. Here is a quick Bach Flower ritual that can assist you in aligning with the energies of this full Flower Moon: 



Bach flower remedies are an alternative or complementary treatment that is used for emotional problems and pain. They're made out of watered-down extracts from the flowers of wild plants. Bach Flower Remedies are a set of 38 individual flower essences that could help resolve any emotional imbalance; each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. 

Dr. Edward Bach was a physician,  and his philosophy of life, it is likely that he was not only sensitive to all that pertains to Creation – and therefore to Nature and plants, the Moon and all the planets – but that he was also interested to all those theories that would highlight the intangible inner world that pertains to all of us, and that could influence us in a way or another. 

Laying down or sitting in a comfortable position, allow your energy to flow and merge with the Bach Flower essence of your choice. Once you feel a connection, voice out what you would like to heal or what exactly it is that you want to achieve by consuming this Bach Flower essence. Then, proceed to take a few drops of the Bach Flower essence. Let it sit on your tongue for a minute to allow its properties to charge up before consuming and feeling the full effects of the essence. 

Our Crystal Chakra Healing Candles are also infused with Bach Flowers and are made from plant based wax such as soy wax, perfume grade fragrances, essential oils and 100% cotton wick. These ingredients won't be a threat to your health. These candles focus on your heart, root and sacral chakras promoting self-love, motivation, courage and strength. The candles can also be used in the full Flower Moon ritual.

Light the Crystal Chakra Healing Candle(s) of your choice and place it in front of you. The scent of the candle(s) can help to open up any blockages in your body when inhaled deeply. Close your eyes and allow the auric fields of the crystals infused inside the candles to work its magic! Set your intentions and repeat them out loud to the candle as it burns, until you feel satisfied.

While inhaling or consuming Bach Flower essences, the emotional shifts that one may experience after taking the essences are subtle and everyone will respond differently. You may not notice it, but people around you may point to the shift that they see within you.  Consciously or subconsciously allow the mind and body to take in the benefits of these Flowers, this will help with letting go of old patterns and fixed emotions with the goal to rebalance and harmonise the body.