Benefits of Clean Candles for your Emotional and Spiritual Well-being
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Benefits of Clean Candles for your Emotional and Spiritual Well-being


9 March 2022


Have you come across the saying “what you feed your body is important” or “eat to fuel your body, not to feed your emotions”? Similarly, it is important to breathe in CLEAN air and breathe out STRESS. And what better way to do that than by using “clean candles” to increase your well-being. So why is it important to choose a clean candle compared to a “toxic” candle?

Let’s understand the meaning of clean candles. Most candles contain toxic chemicals like petroleum, coal and when burnt, the wax releases toxins in the air which can damage our environment and our health. The importance of a “clean” candle is the natural ingredients used to make the candle. For example, take a look at our Chakra Healing Candle infused with Bach Flowers that helps balance our mind, body and spirit. It also heals stress, anxiety and fear. A study conducted by Keville and Green (2009) reports that imbalances of psychological wellbeing such as depression can be improved with the use of scented candles and oils.


Benefits of Bach Flowers infused in Candles

Bach Flowers are used to treat psychological problems and pain. The Bach Flower remedies goes back to the 1900’s and was started by a medical doctor Edward Bach. It is made by placing 38 flowers and plant essences in water and creating an infusion by exposing this to the sunlight. Bach Flowers are used to heal negative emotions like fear, loneliness, uncertainty and also psychological illnesses like anxiety, depression and stress. 

At Purely B, our candles are infused with Bach Flowers mixed in a Tibetan Bowl and this helps provide balance between our emotional, physical and spiritual energies.


The Benefits of Clean Candles

Studies have shown that essential oils and energy crystals in candles have a positive effect on our health. It cleanses our body,mind and spirit and also helps strengthen memory and concentration. When we inhale the scent from natural made candles it stimulates the part of the brain which is connected to memory and mood. 

bigstock Healing Chakra Crystals Therap 418373653 1 Detoxing our body and environment is equally important for our emotional and physical wellbeing. At Purely B, our hand poured crystal healing candles help you align and energise your chakras. Each chakra healing candle is made with 100% natural ingredients including the wood wick and fragrance that are non toxic, unlike other brands. The candles include energy healing crystals that are cleansed in Tibetan sound healing bowls.


What is the relevance of using Tibetan bowls to cleanse crystals?

Cleansing crystals have an impact on our energy levels which helps in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Using sound is one of the most effective ways of cleansing crystals because sound helps break up any negative energy in the crystals and the musical frequency of the process helps restore the harmony of the crystals. The Tibetan singing bowl has been used since ancient times for healing, meditation and therapy. It is believed to reach the chakras and energy points in your body and this helps to maintain harmony and wellness.

Candles are an inexpensive way to start your practice of self-care. Self-care encompasses not just your mental, physical and emotional well-being but also your spiritual well being which natural candles do for you.

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Picking the right candle is extremely crucial as it plays a part in not just your external environment but your body internally too. Candles with natural ingredients are powered to have mood-altering benefits like stability, calmness, love and even creativity.


How to avoid picking toxic or harmful candles?

All candles are made out of wax. The difference is “what” type of wax is used to make the candle. 

The first and most important step to picking the right candle is the “place” or the “store” that you are purchasing it from. There are many “natural ingredients” candles sold out there that are not 100% natural. Especially if the fragrance is too strong, it does not mean it has any healing aspects to it. 

Aromatherapy or scented candles are the most toxic candles and should be avoided at all costs because of the paraffin (a petroleum byproduct) which releases carcinogenic soot when burnt. This soot causes respiratory problems and can aggravate conditions for those who suffer from asthma and heart problems. 

Another alternative way to test if the candle is toxic is to rub white paper on the wick of the candle (before it is burnt). If you see that the paper has left a grey pencil like mark, it has lead in it which is another substance that is harmful to inhale. Not only is this harmful for yourself but also for children and pets. 

 Are you ready to experience our hand poured Dewy Rose, Vetiver Oak and Sweet Sandalwood Chakra Healing Candles infused with Bach Flowers, mixed in a Tibetan Bowl and includes energy healing crystals?