6 Ways To Finding Stillness
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6 Ways To Finding Stillness


28 April 2017


Quiet time. A precious commodity that eludes us as we struggle with non-stop emails, text messages, bawling kids clinging to your legs, meetings upon meetings..where do we stop?


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                                                                                 ~Robin Sharma~

Truth is, that’s the world we are living in these days, a ball of chaos that intrudes into every second of our lives. Our minds are constantly turning, so distracted that we can’t focus on the current moment as if being busy is the sole purpose of existence. If you’re reading this and saying “Hey, that sounds like me!”, then I have a solution for you.

Two words. FINDING STILLNESS. And here are six ways to start your journey of discovering it.

Digital Detox

The Internet - It’s a love-hate relationship that we can’t seem to eschew from. Instead of stressing over the need to be physically attached to technology 24/7, revel in the fact that your hands are now free from tapping on a phone screen to baking a cake or paging through a novel. 

Do What You Love

Speaking of paging through novels, what hobbies float your boat? It could be something simple like gardening or colouring; anything that will give us an oasis of calm so we can think of nothing else apart from the words in the book, seeds in the pot or colours on paper.

Move Your Body

This is the point when you would get up and do a Sean Paul rap (just kidding, but if rapping is how you find stillness, go ahead!). If sitting still is not your thing, doing the complete opposite just might help! Exercise forces you to focus on moving your limbs and breathing. Remember point #1 and lose the digitals unless it’s music you’re listening to.


Nope, I am not talking about lending an ear to those 600+ Facebook friends you have. It’s about finding a park bench and sitting still while listening to the sounds of the world. When things start getting crazy, I like to plug in some meditative tunes, close my eyes and breathe slowly in and out till I feel calmer. Works like magic!

“We have two ears and one mouth and we should use them proportionally.”

Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking 


Speaking of meditate, yes, it is one effective way of attaining stillness. It is when you tell your mind to keep quiet and take control of it 100%. I know, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation and how it cures illnesses but bear with me here. Give it a try, you owe yourself at least that! For starters, here are two amazing articles to get you started:

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Slow Down

Ever heard of this phrase “Stop & smell the coffee?” You’re probably thinking that it’s near impossible to actually slow down and pause what you’re doing when “time waits for no man.” But I’m here to tell you that it’s definitely possible. Always rushing through meals? Chew slowly and savour every mouthful. Running around from place to place? Try walking instead. You’ll be surprised by how much time you actually have when you slow your pace.

Finding stillness is not rocket science but it does take some patience so find time in your day to just close your eyes and calm yourself down - even as little as 10 minutes will suffice. Mornings are usually best but any time works as long as you maintain consistency. Most importantly, keep practising and find comfort from your newfound moment of stillness.

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