6 Mindful Gift Ideas For The Holidays
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6 Mindful Gift Ideas For The Holidays


11 December 2019


The holidays are definitely one of our favorite times of year. We are sure this is a popular consensus. There’s just something in the air. The city lights are up. Everyone seems to be in a good mood. There is always good food around. We see more of our friends and family. There is just so much to look forward to.

In addition to the novelty of it all, the holidays are also a time for sharing our appreciation. We have friends and family over and share good food as well as share kind words, hugs and gifts of appreciation. At PurelyB, we are all about being mindful and gifting is certainly no exception. Here, we have curated a list of meaningful gifts to share;  things that are practical, thoughtful and will show you really care. 

  1. ClassPass Membership. This is the perfect gift for friends who need to begin an active lifestyle, try something new, relieve stress and break a sweat! We are big proponents of ClassPass because they provide the option of variety and flexibility. People can choose from many types of classes, studios and locations all based on personal preference. ClassPass also often offers the “bring a friend for free” option which means you can join your friend for a session too!

  1. Online Course. Introducing someone you care about to a new course for them to enjoy is great because it allows people to focus their energy and time on taking up a new skill or learning about a fresh subject. New skills help us develop ourselves as well as continue to sharpen our minds. The topics are endless - Photography, Nutrition and everything in between. Check out the Nourish Heal Glow program - perfect for those who need to upgrade their lifestyle and habits!

  1. Kindle - To those who do not need any convincing, reading is sure fun. Have you ever gotten lost in a charming little period book? Reading has immense benefits - from reducing stress to increasing one’s quality of sleep. It also helps to slow down the onset of dementia. The benefits of a good book can include something simple like stimulating the mind but when a book is really great, it can also be life-changing. Wouldn’t it be nice to share this experience with friends and family? Sure, there is a charm in holding a good old fashioned book, but for those who want to optimize reading, store more & cary titles around easily, an e-reader is ideal. We recommend a Kindle that will be able to hold thousands of titles and you can choose from a million more available online. 

  1. Superfood Bundle. Remember, good health begins from the inside, so giving the gift of health is probably the best thing you can do for someone. Let’s go straight to the good stuff - Pegaga by PurelyB (Gotu Kola) is a  traditional Asian superfoods that will absolutely shift the baseline of the health of people you care about. Currently, you have the choice of giving Pegaga on it’s own or enjoying it in a holiday bundle. The first bundle offers you Pegaga with a sleek matte golden tumbler. Pegaga provides you with extraordinary health benefits like improved digestion and detoxification, strengthened immunity, skin repair, anti-aging support and enhanced brain function. If your loved ones will be taking one supplement going forward, it should be this. Your second choice of bundle is one that combines the Kelulut Honey and Pegaga together. If you have not yet heard of Kelutut Honey, it puts all other honey (including Manuka) to shame. Rich in antioxidants, it is highly anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting. Kelulut also has a glycemic index that’s 3.5 times lower than Manuka honey; do you need any more reason to share these gifts?

  1. Nightstand Clock. The reason is simple; we recently discussed blue lights from screens - mobile phones, tablets & laptops - being damaging to health. With the majority of us spending way too much time on our devices, it is important to do all we can to limit our exposure to blue light from our screens as it heavily messes with our circadian rhythm and affects our sleep patterns which eventually lead to symptoms like lethargy, brain fog, anxiety and weight gain. A good way to help with this is to avoid activity on phones at night and early mornings - the most crucial time. To the folks who use phones to check the time, the nightstand clock is a great gift as it is the perfect opportunity to stash your  phone away (10 meters off or in a different room). We suggest a non-digital one school one that looks like this

  1. Sustainable Cookware. If you read our article on the Sustainable Cookware You Didn't Even Know It Was Important, you’ll know this is such a thoughtful gift - for your friends and loved ones but also for the environment. The aim is to get one that lasts through generations, which will come at a hefty price, but we say it’s worth the investment and gesture. These pieces are not only durable, but they also cook better which results in better tasting meals. A great gift for the kitchen buff. A few options to start looking at are ones made from cast-iron or stainless steel. Check out some of these blazing red Le Creusets.