Live the High Life: Top Picks For Aerial Yoga In Hong Kong

Live the High Life: Top Picks For Aerial Yoga In Hong Kong


11 October 2018


Aerial Yoga is one of the most popular fitness trends that is here to stay and  is an awesome way to add a tinge of excitement to your standard yoga practice. (Think inversions in the air!)

Coupled with the use of soft hammocks made out of high-density fabric strong enough to support 2,000 lbs, aerial yoga provides an antigravity advantage that not only allows effortless inversions, but also alleviated pressure on the joints. With the use of antigravity hammocks, aerial yoga cultivates a greater body awareness, flexibility, and core strength in ways that traditional mat yoga cannot. Mixing in aerial practice into your weekly yoga or workout routine is a fantastic way to achieve well-rounded fitness and a strong, nimble physique. Take your practice to new heights at these acclaimed aerial yoga studios around Hong Kong. 



Abhyaas School of Yoga Wellness

Class: Aerial 101

Abhyaas - School of Yoga & Wellness is a boutique yoga studio located in TST, with classes designed for various goals and experience levels. The Aerial 101 class is for the beginners, even suitable for those without any mat yoga experience. Our bilingual instructor IG: @gogoaerial gently pushed each one of us to our limits, while ensuring safe and correct posture. With a slight nudge from our instructor, I was able to accomplish an inversion effortlessly (maybe not so elegantly at first), which gave me a rewarding sense of achievement by the end of the session. I came to realize the most striking by-product of aerial yoga a full day after the session: I was extremely sore. Although I weight-train 3-4 times a week coupled with a mat yoga class here and there,  my body was not accustomed to the level of flexibility and core strength that aerial practice requires. Although the poses may not seem too difficult during the session, aerial yoga does really test your flexibility at another level. But with the support of an attentive instructor, you’ll be able to get a challenging workout without any injuries.

Abhyaas - School of Yoga & Wellness (TST)
6A Maxwell Centre 39-41 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2608 9669



Amico Studio 2

Amico Studio 1

Class: Aerial Yoga Beginner (Slim & Fat-Burning)  

Amico studio is an all-in-one health, fitness, wellness & social hub located in Wan Chai. Amico studio holds an array of aerial-base classes for all levels. The Aerial Yoga Beginner (Slim & Fat-Burning) offers you the best of both worlds. Combining a fat-torching HIIT cardio session with aerial stretching at the end of the lesson, the routine helps to lengthen and loosen tight muscles after the intense lactic build-up. Though suitable for all levels, this is not your average aerial yoga class. By the end of the session, you’re heart rate will be up with beads of sweat coming down your chest.

Amico Studio
3rd Floor 167-169 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong
Contact: +852 2827-9233




Class: Antigravity Decompression 

The Practice Studio is an eco-friendly boutique studio located in Central. All classes are offered in small group settings, with hands-on adjustments and variations of poses for all levels of students. The Antigravity Decompression class is the perfect way to unwind from a long day at work. Focusing on decompressing the spine, the class will help build spinal mobility for those who spend long hours sitting with bad posture or serious lifters who experience spinal compression through heavy compound exercises. A more laid-back approach to your standard aerial yoga practice, you’ll leave the class feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

The Practice Group
5/F, LKF29 29 Wyndham Street Central HK
Contact: +852 9855-7693

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