21-Days To A Better Body : Carmen Soo's Experience
Weight Management

Carmen Soo’s 21-Days To A Better Body


3 December 2015


Every girl dreams of being a beautiful bride on her wedding day, and more often than not, we’d hear of would-be brides going on fad diets in a frantic effort to lose weight before their big day. Model, actress and singer Carmen Soo, who married the love of her life recently, was no different in wanting to look her best, although she took a decidedly different route.

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“I was in the thick of planning my wedding and although I was on track with my wedding prep, I realised that I did not have a health and fitness plan leading up to my wedding,” said Carmen. “You can imagine my delight and relief when I discovered PurelyB’s ’21-Day To A Better Body programme!” she added.

This accomplished actress knows all about preparing for roles and this was to be her most important role to date!

“I’ve always lived by a hectic schedule and although I try to be as healthy as possible, when it came to my meals, it wasn’t always easy to make sure that I ate well. The programme was exactly what I needed; a proper and healthy meal plan (instead of crash dieting) and a regular workout routine specifically to prepare me for my big day,” she enthused. “I’m pretty sure that if it weren’t for PurelyB, I wouldn’t have done much preparation health and fitness-wise!” she admits with a laugh.

A change in diet is never easy for anyone but Carmen credits the programme for making the change easily adaptable.

“The meal plan helped me out tremendously. I liked that I didn’t have to worry about portions, and although in the beginning I still ate additional meals (not part of the plan), I found that I adjusted quite easily to the portions. A huge plus point is that the meals still included carbs (my weakness!) and that I could still enjoy my favourite dishes such as fried rice!” she explained. “The fact that I didn’t have to plan my meals or figure out what to eat made it so convenient and easy to stick to the healthy plan,” she further stated. Some of Carmen’s favourite dishes from the programme are Unfried Fried Rice, Pumpkin and Barley Salad and also the Nasi Ulam.


PurelyB’s 21-Day programme also includes a fitness plan and while the (then) busy bride-to-be didn’t manage to fit in as many sessions as she would have liked, she is happy to report that the ones that she did manage to attend made a difference.

“I decided to engage the personal training services of PurelyB’s fitness expert Marissa Parry and it certainly made a difference to someone like me. Showing up for an appointment is more effective than trying to get myself to work out. If you’re more disciplined than I am though, the workouts illustrated in the programme will get you far! And you can even contact the experts should you have any queries. I certainly saw and felt the difference that the workouts had when I put on my gown on my big day,” she said.

“When Marissa and I started, she suggested I make realistic goals to achieve instead of goals like getting a 6 pack since I only had a few sessions before my wedding. My goal was to be able to do proper push-ups because I lacked upper body strength so it was hard for me to do even one. Now, I can safely say I can do two! Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it means that I have developed some decent muscles and strength in my arms and upper body. I saw toner arms on my wedding day and that was great because my dress exposed my shoulders and arms,” said the newlywed happily.


Although her wedding day has come and gone, this beautiful and talented young woman is still continuing on with her health goals.

“I pigged out big time for about a week after my wedding (hey, I just got married!) but went back to being aware of my diet and how much I was consuming after that. I find eating healthily as guided by the 21-Day programme is quite easy as it’s what I would eat on a daily basis anyway. I just have a better understanding of what to look out for and the healthier alternatives that are available,” she revealed. She further added, “The PurelyB website is great as it has informative articles and also just little tips and recipes such as explaining portion control, the benefits of certain foods and much more, making healthy eating less of a complicated puzzle!”

“I wouldn’t have taken this step to a healthier me if it weren’t for PurelyB and I’d recommend this programme to anyone who would like to embark on a journey to better health and fitness. If I can do it, I’m pretty sure anyone can,” she stated enthusiastically.

So if you’d like to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and follow in Carmen Soo’s footsteps, check out the programme here!