Six Nature Retreats Outside Kuala Lumpur

Six Nature Retreats Outside Kuala Lumpur


24 February 2020


Here are our pick of six resorts and getaways, within ninety minutes from central Kuala Lumpur. Being in Malaysia, we are blessed with plenty of rainforests and jungles; living in the city however, we sometimes feel disconnected from nature because of our hectic lifestyles and schedules.

So today, we’d like to encourage you to get into your car and take advantage of these six resorts - where you’ll be able to be right in nature, go on treks, swim in salt water infinity pools, chill under waterfalls and star gaze. All of these spots are kid friendly, so making it a family thing is a good idea.


De Serenity

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

We like this place for it’s gigantic pool, large enough for you to do some serious swimming. The specifics are 35 fl long and 16 fl wide. And if you’re thinking of what the kids will do while you get your laps in, there’s actually a long children’s pool too - 20ft to be precise. Holidays where you just lay about and do nothing comes to an end with De Serenity (if you want). You can do some exercise while you’re on your getaway. Swim laps is one way, but alternatively, there’s a guided three-hour-long jungle trek leading you to a beautiful waterfall. And if you insist on lounging, the verandah has amazing views of the Berebun Forest.


Sarang by the brook

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Located in Kuala Kubu Baru, you’ll know the location is popular for morning treks on the weekends. Sarang by the brook has a bunch of quirky rooms, with the theme color of bright turquoise and a hipster vibe. What’s special is the salt-water pool that’s open 24/7 and barbeque pits. The place has several guided activities organized for you to choose from such as night jungle treks and white water rafting. You can also opt to go on a river picnic, play golf, archery or paragliding.


Sekeping Serendah

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 

Unique looking, this resort offers the aesthetic of a glass box in the jungle - quite literally. You’ll feel like you’re front seat in nature - even at night - which is certainly a treat to say the least. And what’s best is even though you’re right in the thick of the forest, you’re in the safety of your glass cubicle, which provides all the comforts one could ask for on a restful getaway.


Sailor’s Rest Resort

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 10  minutes

Sailor’s Rest offers several room types, including tents, chalets and bungalows, but our favorite and recommendation to you is the boathouse - for obvious reasons, like novelty. It’s also worth a mention their toilets are strangely stylish and have rain showers. What’s also lovely is the manicured garden - it has mangosteen and durian trees - and you can pick these fruits up and send them straight down your belly.


Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya Eco Tourism Resort

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Tanah Aina is pretty unique because it’s close to three stunning waterfalls. The resort itself is large, containing chalet style rooms that fit approximately 195 people. The temperatures are a little cooler here, 25 degrees at night to be precise. People come by to enjoy plenty of activities present, or also to simply do nothing, relax and be in nature. If non eventful holidays are your thing, you’ll be happy to know there are a ton of cafes and restaurants to keep the tummy satisfied.


Selepas Hujan

Drive from KL: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Selepas Hujan translates to “after rain”, bringing to mind the fresh, earthy smells and tranquility. Close to the Batang Renar River, the resort promises a restful and peaceful stay. You may trek to a secret spot 45 minutes into the jungle for a picnic, opt to birdwatch, do nothing under a waterfall, go fishing or even chat with the local Temuan orang asli people. Selepas Hujan is great for small families or couples and can accommodate a maximum of six. What’s lovely is the infinity saltwater pool that has stellar grand views of the surrounding forest.

We hope you take a pick quickly, and make that trip as soon as possible. If you prefer other getaways close to or around KL, please let us know which is your favorite! We’d love to hear from you on Instagram and Facebook.