Is December A Time To Let Your Health Goals Slide

Is December A Time To Let Your Health Goals Slide


4 December 2019


Forget settings goals in January - December is the ideal time for you to set your goals, especially ones related to health and wellness. The reason is that as December equates festivities, regardless of your religion, background or lifestyle. So we say challenge yourself  this month…. after all it’s so satisfying to see what you are capable of achieving!

But The Holidays

Yes, the festivities mean indulgence, not only indulging in laughter shared amongst friends but also indulgence in food, family and fun. So let’s be honest - a traditional Christmas meal is not always the healthiest. If you insist that the main could be, then let’s admit dessert isn’t.  As for New Years, there are all kinds of celebratory foods in the mix, laden with sugar, salt and unhealthy fat. What’s the solution, then? Well, to indulge mindfully. Mindfully, is the key word!

Even if your goal is not specifically related to your diet, you could still attempt intermittent fasting. This technique is becoming more and more popular as it’s not only beneficial for your overall health but it’s easy to implement too. There are actually five methods which PurelyB has previously detailed in this article but the easiest would be time-restricted eating; meaning that your eating is constricted to a certain period of time daily. For example, if your first meal was at 11 am then your last meal should be consumed by 8 pm but the window of time can range anywhere from 9-12 hours of eating. Another idea that is highly recommended is to incorporate a supplement into your day-to-day, like Pegaga by PurelyB for example. This will ensure your digestion is working optimally - a must this time of year! It’s important to never feel guilty though. If you slip, be mindful and evaluate how you can avoid it from happening again. But never with the guilt!

Just think of December as a precursor to January - you’re learning how to balance indulgence with mindfulness in preparation for the coming year. In fact, by setting your goals in December you might even be able to tick one or two off your list in January, which will only motivate you to continue pushing.


But The Peer Pressure

Naturally, there will be peer pressure from your family and friends to indulge more or to start your goals in January but think about it - if you can’t say no to peer pressure now then when can you? It will definitely be a challenge, physically and mentally, but respect yourself, and your goals enough to say no for a greater good - the good of your mind & body. Regardless of the one that one or two extra pushy people.

Another method is implementing the 10/10/10 technique. It’s an easy and relevant technique that yes, can even be used in the context of food and drinks. For example, “If I don’t overindulge now, will I still want to overindulge in ten minutes?”. You can take it further by asking, “Will I regret not overindulging in 10 months?”. 

If your answer to both is yes then definitely listen to your body because cravings exist for a reason. Ask yourself if you’re craving candy or something deeper? Remember, always stay mindful. Good luck with your goals and remember, you got this!