How to be Wellness Savvy on Vacation

How to be Wellness Savvy on Vacation


25 February 2016


With a few adjustments, we can turn our holidays into wellness adventures and have healthy experiences.

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Every year most of us get away and have our holidays. We love to explore new lands, be inspired to try new things and more often than not over-indulge in good food with the intention to relax and switch off from our stressful lives. It is not unusual for us to return home having put on weight, feeling sluggish, exhausted and in need of getting ourselves back into a state of wellness.

Here are five simple ways to turn your vacation into a wellness experience.

1. Feed the body

Feed your skin the way you feed your body, with awareness and care. Delving into the local culture and their healing remedies is all part of the fun when on a wellness vacation. Find treatments that use as much organic, nourishing, local ingredients as possible that feed your skin. Did you know that chocolate and coffee not only smell amazing but also, are known for being detoxifying, high in anti-oxidants and great for blood circulation? How about having massages incorporating these ingredients as well as home-grown coconut oil or soothing cacao butter?

2. Switch off from technology

Disconnect from technology by switching off from electronic devices and don’t tempt yourself with WiFi or Internet access. You will feel more alive and refreshed if you can limit the digital bombardment to which our lives are so accustomed. Those who can switch off from the online world while on holiday will be able to greatly reduce their stress and upon return they will feel revitalised and renewed.

3. Movement

No excuses. You have the time. Explore and choose a simple daily exercise routine. These days most resorts/hotels have swimming pools, daily movement classes on offer, a gym and organised walks and various activities in nature. Waking up a little earlier and exercising allows our minds to calm and quieten from the daily clutter overflowing in our heads. For those on a regular exercise routine, use your holiday to try a different type of exercise - swap the gym for an outdoor activity or awareness practice.

4. Nourish yourself with the freshest ingredients

Choose locally sourced fresh produce. If you are on a coastal holiday, chances are the seafood is drawn daily from the ocean. Local fruit is also a great way to get back to basics and feed your body with essential natural nutrients and its fun to explore and try new tastes. Live a little and go for the local delicacies. Immerse yourself in the food culture, be bold and brave.

5. Submerge in Water

We are 70% water. Water has a profound effect on the body and mind and has a way of instantly cleansing our thoughts and bringing you totally in the moment - it reminds us of being kids again. Take a swim, go snorkelling and explore another world. The benefits of submerging the whole body in seawater especially are incredible. All our senses are heightened - we experience weightlessness, we hear the sound of the waves, we smell and taste the salty ocean air and we feel the cooling sensation over our bodies. This is nature at its best.