6 Activities To Do This Weekend in KL

6 Activities To Do This Weekend in KL


10 March 2016


Do you ever feel as though you are caught up in the monotony of your mundane daily routine and the trivial tasks that accompany it?


It may take some effort but it is possible to shake off the boredom and get you enthused. Aside from just window shopping, the city of Kuala Lumpur has plenty of exciting and fun events and activities to heat up your weekends. Here, we share six ways you can spice up your life, starting this weekend!

1. Have Interests Out of Work

Be it trying out new recipes, learning a new dance routine, having a wine-tasting session or even getting a scuba diving license; as long as you have sparked an interest in a certain something, go for it! Don’t use excuses like ‘Oh, I have no time, I’m too busy, I’ve haven’t finished my work yet’ as a way to delay getting your feet off the ground. Shove those excuses down a cliff and get to doing all the things you wish to do in life!

Most of the time, our careers divert so much of our concentration and time away that we forget to put aside some time for ourselves – especially time for self-expression and development. If we devote our entire existence to just work alone, we end up losing our sense of self. Cultivating and honing an interest into a personal passion will not just be a productive way to unwind and destress after a hectic week, it will also encourage intrapersonal growth through lessons that can’t be taught in the workplace!

2. Have A Little Me Time With Some Great Coffee

Indulging in a cup of great coffee while chilling in a quaint, cosy café is a scenario that paints a current yet classic depiction of the everyday urbanite. Aside from meeting up with a few friends for a cuppa, why not visit a café alone to enjoy your caffeine fix? Use this as a great reason to finally pick up and read that book that has been lying around your house for ages; doodle, write, or binge-watch that series you’ve been putting off since forever. Pamper yourself with the ‘me’ time that you so truly deserve. You’ll find yourself recharged and rejuvenated, and more than ready to tackle life and its many obstacles.

3. Become a Weekend Adventurer

Escape the concrete jungle and transform into an oh-so-intrepid adventurer by throwing yourself into the embrace of Mother Nature! Grab some friends, and take a drive down to Broga Hill, which is great for first-time or beginner hikers. For the more advanced hikers, head to Bukit Tabur for your fair share of adrenaline rushes. If time permits, the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands makes for a captivating and cooling hike. Who knew that Malaysia had such a gem, hidden in its midst? Feel the tranquillity running through you as you immerse yourself in the lovely misty lands, and maybe snap a few pictures of this extremely Instagram-worthy location for memories!

4. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

For our readers who are animal-lovers, but are unable to have pets of their own at home, volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way to help these lovable creatures while fulfilling your daily dose of cuteness! From showering the animals, to prepping and feeding them and helping out on other tasks too, it’s also good to guide the public to adopt and not shop. Even after your volunteer duties end, you can still have a smashing time playing with these beautiful animals.

However, do keep in mind that prior to volunteering, it is essential to have an understanding of the various shelters’ rules and regulations!

5. Unleash Your Creative Side with Art Jamming

Originating from Europe, Art Jamming is a trend that’s blazing through cities everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you can’t paint like the greats, so long as you have an interest in the arts and being creative! An instructor will also be present to guide you through the motions. It’s also up to your perception of colour, objects and your imagination to create a stunning masterpiece that is truly your own.

You won’t be judged on your paintings, so don’t keep harping on yourself to achieve ‘perfection’. Let the brush and colours flow in a way that expresses and destresses you. Paint across the page with a carefree heart and you’ll soon find yourself content and happy, even if your hands may be splattered with colours.

  • The Studio at KL
    Address: 1-G4-09 Solaris Dutamas (Publika), Kuala Lumpur
    Contact No: 03-6211 3840
    16 years and above: RM120/per person,a single 3-Hour Session
    16 years and below: RM100/per person,a single 90-minute session
  • The Refinery
    Address: G-15, D7 Jalan Sentul, Sentul East, Kuala Lumpur
    Contact No: 012-2050 716
    RM40/ A Small Canvas per person
    RM60/ A Large Canvas per person
    Every Sunday, 1pm – 4pm
  • Lorem Ipsum
    Address: 59-1 Jalan Bangkung, Taman Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur
    Contact No: 03-2201 6969
    RM120/person (includes a complimentary cup of coffee or tea)
    Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm

6. Have A Unique Approach to Journaling

The ‘Secret Garden’ colouring books are certainly stirring up a frenzy in many local and international communities, and it’s safe to say that these colouring books are akin to a present-day way of journaling and meditation. Use rich drawings and doodles, or make a mesmerizing photo collage to jot down your favourite memories.

If you’d like something to take this up a notch, Wreck This Journal does just that and more. Popular in the US, and the brainchild of Canadian author and illustrator Keri Smith, she encourages creatively unique approaches to art and journaling as a whole. Think spilling your coffee across a page or tearing a few pages to create something totally fresh and new – it’s definitely your new best kept secret to unwinding after a long week!